My Workouts This Week

Great week so far! I have a sprained hand, so I am taking it easy on the cleans. Everything else is really doing well. The volume is super high right now, and my body is adapting. Sleep is more important than ever, so I’m taking a Zinc and Magnesium supplement that really seems to be working. All members of MashElite are really excited right now. We can all sense a huge change taking place internally with new events, new programming, and new things happening. My wife and I both agree that this is the most exciting time in our business’s history. With the Strength Extravaganza, our Learn 2 Lift Seminars, Smashed Crossfit, Mash Summer Camps, Weightlifting Talk, Tush & Abs, Rebecca making the MDUSA Team, Greg breaking the all-time record at 242, a new website, Drew totaling elite at 148lbs, me making a return to Pro Powerlifting in August, and competing at the American Open in Weightlifting at 40 years old I believe that we have a lot to celebrate.

5/27/13 (today I beat Greg in math)
Snatch 80kx3,85kx3, 90kx3, 95kx3x2, 105kx3
Squat 485×3, 425x3x2
DL off High Box 805×4
Millitary Press 205×1, 135x3x2

Behind Neck Jerks 147k/1 easy

P. Cleans 110kx2x3, 115kx1, 120kx1

Front Squats 355x4x4, 375×4
Snatch Pulls from Box 265×3, 295×3, 320×3
Band Stretches see video

P. Snatch 185x3x3,200x3x2,205×3
Bench max Triple 3 Board 405×3
Bench to chest 320x2x3
Clean Pulls from Box 320×3, 365×3,415×3

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