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Introducing the New MashElite: “Get Jacked” Group Training

MashElite: Adult “Get Jacked” Group
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Learn to Master Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting
MEP Experience: Technique, Progressions, & Tricks
The Overall Weightlifting & Powerlifting Experience
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At Mash Elite Performance
5397 Hwy 158
Advance, NC
Group Will Meet Mon thru Friday at 5:45
Cost is $25/Session, $160/month for 2 Times per week, or $200/unlimited training sessions!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
MashElite’s Adult “Get Jacked” Group is for weightlifters, powerlifters, crossfitters, or anyone who just wants to get jacked! The Group will focus on the Lifts of Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean & Jerk, & Progressions) and Powerlifting (Squat, Bench, & Deadlift). The Group will feature:

-Travis Mash BS, USA Weightlifting SPC, CPT, World Champion Powerlifter, ex Olympic Hopeful Weightlifter and Bobsledder, One of the Strongest Men to Ever Live
-Chris “Ox” Mason BS, CPT, World Record Holding Powerlifter, celebrated author, Inventor, and just a Bad Man!
-Greg Nuckols World Champion Powerlifter, Strongest 242lb Powerlifter in History, Published Author, Smartest Man in World
-Eze Onwurah Nationally Ranked Weightlifter, Best Built Man at MashElite, rapidly taking over Weightlifting in North Carolina

Topics will include:
• Teaching the progressions of the lifts(Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat, Bench, & Deadlift)
• Adult Athletes will learn how to “Get Jacked” and have fun doing it
• Recognizing and correcting mobility issues
• Dynamics of programming & how to implement
• Techniques that will immediately increase any five of the lifts

Athletes MUST register to attend, space is limited to
10 athletes per day!

Contact Information:

This Week’s Training Week 6 June 30th to July 6th

As you can tell this workout is all encompassing. BBd stands for Bodybuilders, and even though we have some Bodybuilders they do the Olympic lifts, they squat hard, and they really have the hardest workout. All of our advanced athletes do the Olympic lifts, and even most of our Powerlifters do the Olympic lifts. The Crossfit section is just for our Crossfitters, so they basically cut out a little of the Olympic assistance work for their Met Cons.

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Week 6 June 30th to July 6th

Monday (BB Legs Dominated)

Snatch 90×1, 80x2x3(work up if able)(BBd 90×1, 80×2)

Squats wk5 95×1, 77x3x2, 52x4x1(3 sec pause)(BBd 62% x 20)
Box Jumps/5 x 2-3

Clean Pulls 105%x3x6(work up to 80% of DL)(BBd Reg BB Lunges/10 ss RDLs w chains/8 x 4)
Standing Millitary Press HS, 75x3x2

GHRs ss Plank Core Work x 5(BB GHRS/10 ss Bulgarian Split squats/10 ea x3)

Or crossfit

12 minutes AMRAP
100′ Burpee Broad Jumps
100′ OH Walking Lunges (45/25lb plate)

Tuesday (BB Back Dominated)

Cleans from Box HS, 80×3
Jerks Heavy single, 75x3x2

Pull-ups weightedx 5-8, 1 arm cable Rows/10-15 x 3(BB 5 sets)
(BB BB Bentover Rows/10 ss Heavy DB Pullovers/8 ss TRX Facebusters/12x 5)

or Crossfit
5 Rounds AFAP
Push Press/6 135/105lbs
KB Swings/10 50/35 lb

Wednesday(BB Chest & Arms)

Clean & J 90×1+1, 80×2+1×3(work up)(BBd 90×1+1, 80×2+1×1)

Front Squats 70×3,75×3,80×3,85×3(BBd)

Snatch Pulls from Box 105-130%x3x4
ME Bench 1 Board Max Triple, 92.5%/max attempts
Bench 5/3/1 60/3,70/3,80/3+(BB 60%/15)

Snatch Grip Presses/8 ss Dips/10×3-5 (BBd)

(BBd Band Presses/20 ss TRX Flies/15 x4)
(BBd Fat Bar Curls/10 ss Smith Curls/10 x 4)

Or Crossfit
5 Rounds for Time:
Thrusters/10 95/65lb
Burpee & Side Roll/10

Thursday (Delt oriented)
Snatch from Box HS, 80%x3(BB off)
OH Squat HS,80%x3 (BB off)

(BBd Fat Bar Standing Push Presses/8 x 4)
(BBd Full Lateral Raises/10 ss Plate Raises/10 x 4)

Friday (BB legs dominated)
Max Snatch (25 minutes)
Max Clean & J (25 minutes)

Back Squat max single with 50-60lbs of chain, 85% of bar weight plus chainx3x3(BBd 55%/25)

(BBd DB Racked Position Walking Lunges/15 ea leg ss Elevated BB Hip Ups/15 ss TRX Leg Curls/15 x 4)


5K for Time

Saturday (BB Upper Dominated)

Hang Clean to Clean & Jerk max(5 total work sets)BBd skip

Front Squats 85x5x2(BBd)

Fat Bar Bench HS, 88x2x3
3 Board Bench Max Single, 95% to chestx1, max to chest, 83%x5

(BBd only CG Bench with Chains/8 ss Push-up over Med Ball/20 x 4)

DL Max Double off a High Box(BBd)

Push Press HS, 75x3x2 (BBd ss Nosebreakers/10×3)

GHRs and BB Hip Ups (BBd skip)



20 min AMRAP:
5 Handstand push-ups,
10 1-legged squats (alternating),
15 pull-ups.

Weightlifting Talk with Martin Rooney and Ox Mason

Weightlifting Talk with Martin Rooney and Ox Mason
​Tuesday was one of the most educational and motivational Weightlifting Talks of all-time! My co-host and friend The Jon North was out of town in Venezuela representing the USA in the Pan American Championships. However just recently my friend and colleague Martin Rooney made the move from New Jersey to Cornelius, NC, so I asked him to come on the show and drop a little knowledge. Well Drop Knowledge he did! First let me give you a little background about Martin. Martin threw Javelin at Furman University. Martin has a Master of Health Science and a Bachelor of Physical Therapy, so this guy is no regular meathead. Martin went on to be a member of the US Bobsled Team, and from there met up with Bill Parisi. Martin and Bill built what is now Parisi Speed School with locations all over the world. Martin is also the founder of Training for Warriors which is a quickly growing movement. Training For Warriors or TFW is a training style developed by Martin to get people in the best shape of their lives. It’s not like a lot of mindless programs that just try to beat a person into the ground, but it is a program that is designed to make trainees get in shape and feel better. Martin is the go to guy in America for speed development, and he has trained more first round draft picks for the NFL, NBA, and the Major Leagues than any other strength and speed coach in America. He also trains several of the top MMA Fighters in the world, so my point is that this guy’s resume can’t be rivaled.
​I was excited to have him on the show for several reasons. First Martin is the most inspirational guy on the planet. He will simply make you want to get in shape and take hold of your life. He not only knows what he is talking about, he lives it, believes in it, and more than anything he wants to help others achieve their goals. We covered several topics mainly that I selfishly wanted to know his take on. My favorite was: How do you actually get someone fast? Here was his four point answer:
1. Believe in your athlete, and they will believe in themselves.
2. Relative body weight strength is crucial. Bottom line get your athlete strong, and keep their body fat down, and they will get fast.
3. Practice the speed event often.
4. Technique tuning up
Guys there is no magic formula! Get them strong! A common theme that I have heard from all of my peers in the industry is get your athlete strong, keep their body fat down, believe in them, and practice the events. I here over and over from parents that they want me to work on speed with their child, but they don’t want a lot of strength training. The statement itself doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you want your car to go faster, you have to put a bigger engine in it. I also hear a lot about stunting of growth, or the old school growth plate theory. Well Martin absolutely kills all of those theories! He made the best points by stating, “How can we ask our kids to mow the yard, take out the trash, or help in the hay, but we are afraid of strength training?” Landing from a jump causes a force greater than 6-7 times our body weight, but yet we are afraid of a 30% of bodyweight kettlebell If we are going to allow our children to play sports, then we need to prepare them for impact of the game. Look at soccer it is the worst! You have these tiny girls and boys running around, jumping, cutting, and hitting a ball with their little heads year round, but we aren’t having them do any strength training to prepare them for such abuse. Why do you think that ACL injuries and Concussions are through the roof in that sport? In my opinion that is near negligence. I don’t believe that it is intentional negligence, but a lack of education. That is the job of Strength and Speed Coaches like Martin and me. I also hear all the time not to do squats because parents are afraid that squats will make an athlete slow. Well someone should have told Barry Sanders that because he squatted 600lbs for set after set, and Michael Johnson the amazing sprinter who worked out with 500lbs in the Squat. I believe that it is time for a paradigm shift in American Strength and Speed Programs. If you ask any credible Strength and Speed Coach about what are the components of a great program, they will all tell you to get the athlete strong, keep him optimally mobile, keep their relative strength high, body fat down, and sprint a lot. If you are going to a coach with lots of ladders, parachutes, and other forms of bells and whistles, leave now and get a coach. Coach Kenn from the Carolina Panthers said it best, “If you want your athlete fast, get them stronger. If you want your athlete to jump higher, get them stronger. If you want to prevent injuries, get them stronger.”

If you want to educate yourself about the truths of strength and speed training, here is a link to the podcast with Martin, Ox, Ryan, and me!

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Today’s Workout Was Great

Snatch 120k
Squat 565×1
DL from Box below knee 830×2, 850×1
Standing Press 100kx1

Today is the first day in 6 weeks that I have felt like going hard! Things couldn’t have gone better!

Here is the video of the Deadlifts!

Tomorrow on Weightlifting Talk Ryan and I will be joined by Speed Guru and Training for Warriors Founder Martin Rooney and Strength Legend Chris Ox Mason. It goes down at 1:30 on:

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Summer Strong and a Week of Learning from Legends


Summer Strong and a Week of Learning from Legends
This Weekend I had the chance to visit Sorinex’s Summer Strong for the first time. It won’t be the last! Glenn Pendlay, Head Coach of Team MDUSA, is out of the country, and he asked me if I would assist Don McCauley in coaching some of the team. I was very excited and honored for three reasons: 1. Rebecca Gerdon/my adopted daughter is on that team, and 2. I love what MDUSA is doing for the sport of weightlifting, and 3. The guys on the team are just super nice guys. Rebecca stole the show going 6 for 6, setting PRs in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total, and qualifying for the Nationals with lots of room to spare. My man Tom Sroka killed it too, and qualified for the A Session of the Nationals. After I was done coaching them, I had a chance to talk to Richard Sorin. He knew all about my powerlifting career, but had no idea that my first love is weightlifting. He told me that my passion for my lifters was inspiring, and coming from him that is the biggest honor of the weekend. The Sorin’s simply love the world of strength whether it is powerlifting, weightlifting, highland games, or strongman they love it. I also had the chance to coach Matt Vincent the reigning Highland Games world champion. He was competing in the weightlifting competition, and I promised my friend Matt Bruce that I would look after him. He didn’t need a lot of looking after because he Snatch 145 k and Clean & Jerked 177k in his first meet. He actually cleaned 182, but missed the jerk. This kid is simply strong and explosive, and he is a lot of fun to be around. I was also pleasantly surprised by my man Coach Joe Kenn, the legend himself. He is on vacation from the Carolina Panthers at the moment, and was just checking out the venue. Coach Kenn is a legend in the strength and conditioning world, and I look up to him as a mentor.
During the day and later that night I hung out with Chad Wesley Smith, Zach Even-Esh, and my man Chris “ox” Mason. To be honest the real knowledge is dropped at the after party. Zach and Chad are true entrepreneurs, and it is exciting that people are making good livings doing what they love. We all get to help people reach their goals, get in shape, and we help mold their character. I have noticed that the guys that truly love it the most end up doing well in the industry. The posers don’t last very long. Chad Wesley Smith is a guy that I have wanted to meet for some time. Number one I like the way that he approached the strength game. He loves being strong at whatever he chooses! He has killed powerlifting, and now he has turned pro in strongman. The guy looks like the Kaz, and I believe that he can be just a good. He is also redefining the industry, and he is a big part of the new movement away from geared powerlifting. I believe that is exactly what the sport needed. His Juggernaut Method is taking the strength world by storm, and I would recommend anyone checking his website out. I will also say this that Zach Even-Esh is the nicest guy in the industry. If I had kids, and I lived near him, then they would train with him. You can see in his eyes that he loves what he does. Ox and I had the chance to talk to Bert Sorin, and he told us the whole story about how their family got into the game of strength. Basically they have loved it their whole lives, and they simply wanted to be a part of it. Their shop is a museum of strength equipment, old York DBs, original plates of the Culver City Barbell Club, and posters of all the legends. I was a kid in a candy store.
Now here is some of the knowledge that I learned this week in a nutshell. First, keep it simple! We all agree that there is more than one way to reach desired goals, but pick a plan that is simple to follow. Stick with the basic movements, and variations are fine like pauses, chains, and bands, but full range that matches the competition movements is best. Coach Kenn explained to us all that there are no protocols, and that the body will adapt and respond to whatever stimulus that it receives. The most important one that most of us agree on is that neural adaptation is the most important response, and one that has been left out of a lot of programs. My biggest advice is to always be in search of new and better ways, invest in your own brain, and never get caught up in cult like programs. I am just saying that we all should make sure that science is supporting what we are doing, and if someone that is successful is trying to tell you how they did it, well maybe you should listen. Chad Wesley Smith is preaching that sermon everyday my friends. Be on the lookout at for my interview from Chad Wesley Smith, we get into some controversial issues.
The trip back with Ox, my lovely wife, and me was awesome because we had a chance to go over what we learned. Now we have the exciting opportunity to share it with our MashElites, and my Weightlifting Talk listeners. I just love the way that our program grows day to day, month to month, and year to year. We have built a culture of guys and gals that are starved for information, and that makes for a breeding ground of awesomeness!
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I Love My Life and I Wouldn’t Change It!

I Love My Life and I Wouldn’t Change It!

God has blessed me with a set of skills that allows me to affect people in a positive way everyday. I get to make people healthier, I get to help them reach their goals, and I get to help slam bars. This week alone I get to be on my podcast Weightlifting Talk two times where thousands of people tune in to learn about strength and to have a good time. Yesterday I was with Coach Joe Kenn at the Carolina Panthers Stadium. I got to watch him put these phenomenal athletes through their workouts, and I had the privilege to attend a lecture from Coach Kenn. Coach even gave me props in a room full of collegiate and high school strength coaches! While I was there I hung out with the infamous Martin Rooney (Training for Warriors) and my boy Chris “Ox” Mason. I just feel that my whole life has been in preparation for this moment in time. This weekend I am super excited to be helping coach Team MDUSA, the professional weightlifting team. This event takes place at Summer Strong in Columbia, SC, so I will get to coach a sport I love and chill with friends from across the country. I know that Zack Even-Esh, Chad Wesley Smith, Donnie Thompson, and Coach Kenn will all be there, so I am jacked. These guys are not only friends, but they are tops in my industry. I can’t wait to catch some of their lectures.

The point to all of this is to say “be patient”. God is working out His plan perfectly! Sometimes the bad times are to set you up for the great times. I say keep learning, keep growing, and keep slamming bars. I believe that everyone “slams bars” differently. My “slamming bars” is weightlifting and powerlifting, but your’s might be 5Ks, marathons, triathlons, or Highland games. Just keep pushing the limits of your body and mind, pick a career that you love, and I believe that your life will be filled with joy.

Love your life or change it!

This Week of Workouts!

This week is a Deload week, but we are still going at it! I’m very excited about my online programming clients, our new t-shirts, and our Learn 2 Lift Seminar DVD! We sold 32 T-Shirts in the first say! I being able to offer more to my MashEliters and Weightlifting Talk Family! One of my online clients David Argel, owner of Crossfit 140 in Hotlanta, visited MashElite today to slam bars with us. It was a great time getting to know him personally. He fit right in with the MashElite Family!!store/crf1

Week 4 June 16th to June 22nd


Snatch 65x2x2, 70x2x3

Squats wk4 75x3x3
Depth Box Jumps/5 x 2-3

Clean Pulls 100%x2x3
Standing Millitary Press 70x3x2

GHRs ss Plank Core Work x 5

Or crossfit

4 Rounds for time:
Suicides 10y-20y-30y-40yd
DB Thrustersx15. 40s/20slb

Tuesday (Muscle Ups practice or 5reps x 3)

Cleans from Box HS
Jerks Heavy single

Pull-ups weightedx 5, Rows/10, & black burns x 3
or Crossfit
Weighted Pullups/work to max 5 ss Double Unders 25 ss KB Swings heavyx10 50/70lb x 4

Wednesday(Crossfit work on Hand Stands & Contrasting Sled Sprints)

Clean & J 65×2+1×2, 70×2+1×3

Front Squats 70x3x2

Snatch Pulls from Box 100%x3x2
ME Bench Max Triple 2 Board, 95×1 to chest, max
Bench 5/3/1 40/5,50/5,60/5

Plate Raises/8 ss Dips/10×3-5

Or Crossfit
Helen for time:
3 rounds:
400 meter run,
21 1.5-pood Kettlebell swings,
12 Pull-ups.

Thursday (Hand Stand Push Ups Work)
Snatch from Box HS
OH Squat HS

Friday (Double Unders for Crossfit)
Max Snatch (25 minutes)
Max Clean & J (25 minutes)

Back Squat max


For time:
150 Burpees

Saturday (Muscle Ups & L Sits)

High Hang Clean and Push Jerk max 2+1

Fat Bar Bench max 3 to chest
Floor Press max 3

DL Max 3 off of Low Box(bar below knee)

Push Press 70x3x2

GHRs and BB Hip Ups



1) 2XME Unbroken Muscle-Ups – rest as needed between sets (at least 4:00).

150 Wall Balls @20/14lbs

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Exciting New from Mash Elite Performance

​Let me say right now that my staff is the best that it has ever been! Drew and I just want to thank Rebecca, Chris “Ox”, Greg, Lyndsey, Poppy, Pam, Eze, Caleb, Mark, Matt, Rabbit, and Heath from the bottom of our heart because you guys are Boss!!!! It is unreal what these guys come up with and can do. I am confident that we have people on our staff right now that will leave the Strength and Conditioning World turned upside down when they are finished. My two most improved have to be Greg and Lyndsey because last year they had some vague ideas, but this year there ideas are industry altering. I can’t tell you all of them on here, but in a couple of months we will be making some announcements that will literally shake the world.

​Today I am excited to announce the reshaping of our website. Thanks to Greg and mainly Lyndsey our Blog section!staff-blogs/cae5 includes a lot of our staff. This will give you guy’s perspectives from several angles. For example Rebecca Gerdon/my adopted daughter is now a professional Weightlifter with Muscle Driver USA. Not only is she a great weightlifter and dancer, but she is unbelievably smart. She is a recent graduate from UNC Chapel Hill with her Exercise Science Degree. She also has her CSCS, and she is a Certified Sports Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting. Greg Nuckols is the smartest of all, and I am picking him to take over the Exercise Science World. He is also the best Drug Free 242lb Powerlifter that has ever lived, so if you want to know how to get really strong without steroids ask him. Chris “Ox” Mason my best friend since college and training partner is now on the team. He is my COO which means he keeps me and Mash Elite organized and running smooth. He is also a Pro Powerlifter that has been away from the game, but a lot of people remember him as the one that kept me on a leash. He is a big part of why I did so well, and we all can learn from this guy. He is also the most jacked guy in our gym. The dude makes the guys off the Movie 300 look like Golfers. My beautiful wife Emily Drew brings a whole new side to the blog section because she doesn’t just give you ideas that got her a 300lb squat, 170lb Bench, and a 355lb Deadlift, but she tells you how she did it at 132lbs of sexy. She shares her diet and nutrition thoughts along with some awesome recipes. Drew is a Wake Forest University graduate, and she is a cancer survivor, so her insight is from the eyes of both wisdom and a view that God only shares with a few of us. I believe that all of these perspectives will help all of you with new and innovative ways of reaching your goals.

​We also have an Events Section!news/cuc with several awesome events coming up. The first one is the Level II Camp at the Attitude Nation Gym. This will entail Jon North and Donny Shankle teaching Olympic Weightlifting, Ox and I teaching the Powerlifts, and Ryan Grady and his Gymnastic Olympic hopeful friend teaching gymnastics. Wow! Next up is the second Mash Camp of the summer for ages 13+, and we will be teaching all of these young athletes: running mechanics, jumping mechanics, agility, Olympic weightlifting, strength for athletes, goal setting, mindset, nutrition, and much more. August 3rd takes me to NY, NY for an Oly/Powerlifting seminar at The Premiere Fitness. I can’t wait to teach in the Big Apple. Our summer will be finishing up with the biggest event in North Carolina History. We will be determining who really is the strongest man in the world at the Mash Strength Extravaganza. We will have our competitors compete in weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman, and I am going on record right now to say that I don’t think that anybody can beat me!!!!

​With Lyndsey’s help I have opened our ‘Store’ section!store/crf1 of our website with some really cool and educational items. This weekend we added our DVD from our June 1&2 Learn 2 Lift Seminar. This DVD explains the teaching progressions of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. We teach you all the tricks that we have used to build so many champions in such a short amount of time. We also explain the basics of programming, mobility, correcting biomechanical issues, and much more. This one is a must have. We also added our Boss ‘Max Out Friday’ T-Shirt that every bar slammer on the planet should own.
Max Out Friday is a way of life at MashElite, and now you can wear it out in the world. I am also sharing my “I Do What I Want” T-Shirt that is already selling off the shelves. This is a phrase that I use a lot on Weightlifting Talk that has caught on like a wild fire. We also have all of our other shirts including my wife’s girls only group T-Shirt ‘Tush and Abs’. We also offer online programming and/or Consultations from me, Greg or Rebecca. Check it out, and I am sure that there is something there to help you learn, and that you want wear to send the world a message.

​Anyway as you can tell I am fired up! My staff has really got me amped about our future. We have a lot of new ventures on the horizon including Webinars that will hopefully start here in the next two week. Some of our other surprises will be announced in the next month or two after the lawyers have given us the go ahead, but I promise that your jaws will drop!!

​So for now go to and take a look around!