Level II Attitude Nation Camp & Mash Summer Camp

This weekend is the Level II Attitude Nation Camp, and I am just as excited to learn as I am to teach. Personally I have never heard of a camp with so many champions before in my life. For each section you have international level athletes teaching. Weightlifting will be taught by Jon North, Jessica North, and Donnie Shankle. I will be teaching the Powerlifting. Gymnastics will be taught by the one and only Ryan Grady along with his Olympic hopeful friend Ben Taylor. I’m more excited about the gymnastics because I have no experience, and I believe that there is no better training for athletes. Gymnasts are the most relatively strong athletes on the planet, and like Martin Rooney says a relatively strong athlete is a fast athlete.

Next week is our last Mash Summer Camp of the year. It is for age 12+, and we are excited to teach these young folks how to be great. Like always we will be teaching them the basics of: speed, jumping, mobility, nutrition, mind set, goal setting, and performance training. We will also have guest speakers that have made it to the collegiate level or higher to explain their paths to success.

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks, but I am pumped to meet new people and learn new things. Below is the workout for the week! If you have questions for us, contact me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com or my website is http://www.MashElitePerformance.com.

Week 7

Monday (BB Legs Dominated)

Snatch 92×1, 80×2,max 2(work up if able)(BBd 92×1, 80×2)

Squats wk7 97×1, 80×3, 55x4x1(3 sec pause)(BBd 65% x 15)
Box Jumps/5 x 2-3

Clean Pulls 110%x3x3(work up to 80% of DL)(BBd Pistol Squats/6-8 ss RDLs w chains/8 x 4)
Standing Millitary Press HS, 75×3

GHRs ss Plank Core Work x 5(BB GHRS/10 ss Bulgarian Split squats/10 ea x3)

Or crossfit

3 Rounds for Time:
30 yd Sled Sprint 135/90#
20 Burpees
30 yd Sled Sprint
30 KB Snatches 50/35Lbs (15/arm)

Tuesday (BB Back Dominated)

Cleans from Box HS, 85×3
Jerks Heavy single, 75×3

Pull-ups weightedx 5-8, 1 arm cable Rows/10-15 x 3(BB 5 sets)
(BB BB Bentover Rows/10 ss Heavy DB Pullovers/8 ss TRX Facebusters/12x 5)

or Crossfit
60 C2B Pull-ups
EMOM 5 Burpee over the Box Jumps 20″ (no touch on top)

Wednesday(BB Chest & Arms)

Clean & J 92×1+1, 80×2+1,max 2+1(BBd 92×1+1, 80×2+1×1)

Front Squats ,80×3,85×3,max 3(BBd)

Snatch Pulls from Box 110-135%x3x2
ME Bench 1 Board Max Triple, 95%/max attempts
Bench 5/3/1 65/5,75/3,85/1+(BB 63%/15)

Snatch Grip Presses/6 ss Dips/10×3-5 (BBd)

(BBd Band Presses/20 ss TRX Flies/15 x4)
(BBd Fat Bar Curls/10 ss Smith Curls/10 x 4)

Or Crossfit
400 m for time

Thruster Tabatas 95/65#

400 m for time

Thursday (Delt oriented)
Snatch from Box HS, 85%x3(BB off)
OH Squat HS,85%x3 (BB off)

(BBd Fat Bar Standing Push Presses/8 x 4)
(BBd Full Lateral Raises/10 ss Plate Raises/10 x 4)

Friday (BB legs dominated)
Max Snatch (25 minutes)
Max Clean & J (25 minutes)

Back Squat max single with 50-60lbs of chain, 88% of bar weight plus chainx3(BBd 58%/20)

(BBd DB Racked Position Walking Lunges/15 ea leg ss Elevated BB Hip Ups/15 ss TRX Leg Curls/15 x 4)


12-9-6 of:
Power Clean & Jerk 185/120#
Bar Muscle Ups

Saturday (BB Upper Dominated)

Hang Snatch to Snatch max(5 total work sets)BBd skip

Fat Bar Bench HS, 88×2
3 Board Bench Max Single, 90%/max attempts to chest

(BBd only CG Bench with Chains/8 ss Push-up over Med Ball/20 x 4)

DL Max Double off a High Box(BBd)

Push Press HS, 75×3 (BBd ss Nosebreakers w chains/10×3)

GHRs and BB Hip Ups (BBd skip)



20 min AMRAP:
400 meter run,
Max rep pull-ups.


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