Weightlifting Talk Answers


Weightlifting Talk Answers

Guys we got cut off, so I answered a few more of the Twitter and Facebook questions here on my blog! I’m going to start doing this every time because we owe you guys for listening and being a part of The Nation and MashElite! I seriously love you guys!

1. Question one of my athletes had: When following a program that requires using a max to base percentages off of, should that max me a max you can hit almost all the time or should it be a PR..? I know for myself there is a difference in getting psyched up and hitting a PR and my max.. Usually I tell them to go 10 or 15 pounds below there PR..Smolov squat program, Hatch, Etc..

Answer: We base our percentages off our PR, but when an athlete is having a bad day, I will lower his number. It’s all about being a good coach, knowing your athlete, and having a good eye. Definitely in the squat I would base it off the PR. The less neuromuscular the lift is, the more true to the PR one should stay.

2. Few questions:
Any tips to save the lifts if I am missing behind in the snatch?

In the catapult is there a difference in technique when doing powers? And how do you prevent feet from going too wide in powers (especially the clean). If I try to keep the feet in the proper catch position I end up riding the weight down in a heavy power clean attempt.


Answer: In the Snatch if you feel the bar going behind, shift your knees and butt back. That will bring the bar back forward, and you can do the opposite from losing the bar behind.

With the powers if you have to ride it down, then you aren’t powerful enough for the weight. A bad power is an indicator that you lack strength, so I would spend some more time squatting. Remember though Jon isn’t great at Powers, but he kills people in the lift.

3. Travis can you talk about how you would train a boxer as far as strength and conditioning goes? Thanks boss!

Answer: I would stay away from a lot of hypertrophy in the upper body. I would do the Olympic lifts and squats because if a person has powerful hips, they are going to throw a powerful punch. I would work a lot of rotational exercises into the mix with med balls, cables, and/or bands. Last I would focus on relative strength which basically means pound for pound a lot of body weight work.

4. @ACalex919: @attitudenation @mashelite i have slight pain in my left high hamstring when a2g squat. Should i do some mobility and keep lifting or rest?

Answer: No mobility!!! It depends on what happened. If you received a slight tear, you will tear it worse. Go to a practitioner! Guys find a Doc that is versed in A.R.T.,, Graston, etc.! A soft tissue practitioner is Gold! @DrGSportsDoc is my guy! Dr. Gray baby!

5. @pa_fit: @MashElite @ryanpatrick24 @AttitudeNation If could chg 1 thg bout each others sport what would it be? #crossfit #weightlifting #powerlifting

That’s easy! Weightlifting should be more exciting like Jon makes it! Enough of the golf claps and following the bar down. Powerlifting needs to get rid of the equipment, and make all their lifts more legit! Crossfit needs to tighten their form up on all of their Olympic and Power lifts!

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