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Most of you know that I am Co-Host of the popular podcast “Weightlifting Talk” http://www.spreaker.com/user/weightlifting_talk/concentration, and every episode we take questions from our listeners. We try to answer them all, but it is simply impossible to get to them all in one hour. That is why I started doing a blog with the rest of the answers. If you get left out, message me and I will either blog the answer or answer it on the next podcast. My email is: Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com.

Danielle Eberhart
1. Her Question Paraphrased: “I have great technique in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk until over 85%, and then my technique goes out the window. How should I correct?

Answer: The neuromuscular system reacts differently when over 85%, so to truly practice the maximal lift you have to be lifting at 85+%. That’s why the Bulgarians train so heavy. No matter the system one must practice a good portion of the lifts at a near maximal intensity. There are several ways to do this: blocks, hangs, max doubles, etc, but at the end of the day from the floor is the most important. It’s like in basketball to get better at foul shots shoot foul shots.

2. Question from the Fluxasauras Rex @fluxinabox: @MashElite @ryanpatrick24 @AttitudeNation can you talk about gaining weight for a CLEAN athlete. Spent years at 69 kilos currently 71.8
@fluxinabox: @MashElite @ryanpatrick24 @AttitudeNation how many kgs do I need to gain to be competitive? What’s a reasonable goal per month/quarter/year?

Answer: this is a three part question: How do I gain weight? How much should I weigh to do well? What’s a reasonable amount to gain? Let me answer the last two first! I would suggest .25-.5 kilos per week because fat doesn’t help a weightlifter like it does a Powerlifter. Speed and mobility are the most important aspects of weightlifting. As far as how much should you gain well I need to know: how tall are you? How old are you? What is your body fat %?

With weight gain I would add these things to your current diet. 1. Eat a big breakfast like 6 eggs, cup of oatmeal, bacon, and walnuts. 2. Take our Athletic Support http://www.masheliteperformance.com/#!store/crf1 3. Eat 3 Cups of yogurt every night, and 4. Start taking a Meal Replacement. The key is continuing to eat the same amount of calories as you are currently consuming.

3. Question Nick Gregory @ngregory93: Hey @MashElite I’m a personal trainer at NCState and wanting to get my USAW level 1. Any opinions on it? I’ve read mixed reviews. Thanks #AN

Answer: I think that a Level I is a good idea. There are a lot of good Certs out there right now including: Attitude Nation and my “Learn 2 Lift” Level I’s. The more that you can learn about the Olympic lifts the better.

4. Question Zach Taylor: When increaseing SN weight is it benifical to do OverHead Squats..?? or just stick with SN balance work.. And if you do OHS what rep range to do stay-in?

Answer: I believe that in the first two years of a Weightlifter’s career Overhead Squats are valuable. They are great for building a foundation, and so are Snatch Balances. I would keep the reps between 1-5 and sets 3-5.

5. Question Ryan Karas: What kind if barbell do you recommend for training?

Answer: Without a doubt Muscle Driver USA bars! You can’t beat the bang for the buck!

6. Question Barry Schroeder: What do you do to your bars to maintain them, and keep them functioning properly? Specifically bearing bars.

Answer: Brush the chalk off the bar and wipe them down with WD40 once per week, and store them in a dry area.

The Q&A is my absolute favorite! Donnie Shankle told me to make Q&A the biggest part of my Level I “Learn 2 Lift” Seminars, and he was totally right. I love having a plan and teaching my way of lifting, but I want to answer the questions of my attendees more than anything. You guys are the ones paying, so I want to deliver!

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Check out this video of a typical Max Out Friday!

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