Last Max Out Friday Before NC States & Week of Meet Advice!



I had a great time watching my MashMafia Footballers from my own Ashe County Huskies last night as they pulled out a big win! Congrats boys!

Today’s workout:

Snatch max focus on minimum
Clean & Jerk max focus on minimum

10 Min AMRAP
3 Cleans
6 Push Press
9 High Pulls

Today is the last Max Out Friday before our Mash Mafia do battle next weekend at the NC State Weightlifting Championships, or on the very next day at the MonsterMash Weightlifting Open (!news/cuc). Here are some of the things that we will do the week of the meet:

1. Snatch up to our minimum on Monday & Back Squat up to 90%.

2. Clean & Jerk up to our minimum on Wednesday & Front Squat up to 90%!

3. Extra rounds of mobility and soft tissue everyday.

4. We will see our Chiropractor today and next Friday before we leave! He is a specialist in A.R.T., Graston, & K-Laser

5. Pack our own food for meet day assuring proper energy levels and recovery.

6. We will have one coach counting attempts and checking out the competition, and another coaching at the platform.

7. We will use the Jessica North “Rule of 3” warm up to competition attempts! I’ll post that again at the end!

8. For rookies to the sport I will open them with 5k below their minimums.

9. Have fun!

For questions, seminars, or online training/programming, go to:

Here is our most recent video:

Here is the Jessica North “Rule of 3”!


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