Day Off & Things That I’ve Learned From Lisa G.


Off Day

As most of you know MashMafia OG Lisa G. Has been battling Stage IV lung cancer since January of this year. All of us that have the pleasure of working out with her are inspired and amazed on a daily basis. We watch this mother of two consistently set PRs and Slam Bars! Not only has she not quit working out, but she is in the best shape of her life. She competes in her second Olympic Weightlifting Competition next weekend at the MonsterMash Open Sunday October 20th.

At Mash we are a family. We do life together! When one wins, we all win! When one struggles, we all struggle! I have watched MashElite Staff members Caleb Tilson and Eze Onwurah both have break downs crying over Lisa. These two guys are both in their early 20’s crying over their 43 year old teammate Lisa.

Here are some of the lessons that she has taught us:

1. Perseverance: No matter what life has thrown at her she has stayed positive, continued to train harder than ever, and has never taken her focus off Christ. This really makes her teammates think twice before skipping practice or feeling sorry for themselves for whatever life might be dishing them. Look guys life is tough, but never let anything hinder you from reaching your goals. In all your deeds let the glory be God’s, and ever give up.

2. Laughter is the Key! Lisa never misses an opportunity to laugh or smile. She jokes about her cancer which at times I don’t understand, but if she can joke about it, so can I. Sitting around crying about life’s problems just makes them worse. Life is beautiful! It’s a gift from God! Smile! Laugh! Enjoy the rain! Enjoy the rainbows! And thank God when you have the chance to Slam Bars!

3. Love others! Lisa spends more time worrying about her family, friends, and Mash family than she worries about herself. If one truly loves the people in their lives, they won’t have the time to sit around with anxiety and worry. Life is short! Love!

4. Be Proactive! Instead of letting life’s issues get you down, attack it head on! Lisa has done her own research on treatments, nutrition, and other means of battling cancer. This could go for all things in life. If you want to get strong, study nutrition, programming, and recovery. If you’re having money issues, take a look at your spending and get another job. Whatever you do, don’t sit around on your tush.

5. Love Every Moment You Slam Bars! She loves it! She never takes it for granted. She reminds me how blessed I am to perform the Snatch and Clean & Jerk at 40 years old. Most people in the sport are in there 20’s and younger. Don’t forget to love the fact that you’re in the gym.

We are in the process of raising money for Lisa right now. Below is a link to her story, and a way to donate money to her cause. Trust me! She is worth it!

Donate to Lisa G.:

Here is a video of some of our Snatch Highlights(one is Lisa G.):

For information about seminars, online training/programming go to:

Or email me:

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