Open Doors The Story

Opening Doors, Making a difference, Changing the World

When Travis and I began to talk about starting a non-profit, we wanted to make sure that whatever we decided to do would actually make a difference. We don’t want to just have some fun and hang out with teenagers. We want to develop world changers out of teens who may not even currently believe in themselves at all.

This is why Open Doors Christian Coaching will be partnering with Mash Elite Performance. Each athlete that comes to Mash Elite has every opportunity to become great. There is no doubt about that. The coaches are dedicated to the betterment of each athlete. And as a result each athlete learns a ton and grows leaps and bounds.

Each young person who comes to Open Doors will receive the same treatment as the other athletes receive from Mash Elite. We will provide different avenues of strength training including weightlifting, powerlifting, Crossfit, and athletic performance. Through these forms of training they will learn a multitude of lessons. And they will learn to develop strong character traits as well.

Take for example, one of our athletes, Landon Harris. He tried out to play basketball at High Point University but didn’t make the cut. He came to Mash Elite Performance and trained hard for a year with Travis but ended up not getting a tryout. He had every opportunity to just give up, but instead he worked even harder for another year with Travis. Travis helped Landon put together a highlight reel and even got a meeting with the head coach to talk about how far Landon had come. As a result of the great perseverance of Landon and the dedication of the MEP staff, Landon ended up making the team and playing two years.

Open Doors Christian Coaching will provide the same dedication to our young people. We want to hone in on the different lessons of while finding enjoyable ways for young people to grow and become strong. We won’t only coach physical strength. We will also offer and coach ways to become more healthy through nutrition. We will set them up for success by teaching them how to dream big, set goals, and then take steps toward achieving those dreams. As a result, these young people will learn character traits like perseverance as well as others, which will help them in all areas of life.

Each young person impacted by Open Doors will walk way knowing they are strong enough, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to be to the fullest potential the person they were created to be.

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