Programming, Coaching, Atmosphere, and Truth!


            Right now at Mash Compound, we have an unbelievable atmosphere with PRs happening daily.  We also have a growing number of online teammates, and as time goes on the approach we take with these individuals continues to evolve.  A solid program is super important, but without ongoing coaching the program isn’t as affective.  Atmosphere is another thing that really helps get the athletes to another level.  Atmosphere can be formed in a garage by yourself if you are self-motivated individual.  Today I want to explain what a perfect situation looks like. 

            If you attend a Learn 2 Lift Seminar or an Attitude Nation Seminar, you will normally set Personal Records and leave on a natural “high”.  There are several reasons for the new PRs:  better technique, group competition, and excitement.  This past weekend I taught at the Attitude Nation Level II Camp.  Almost everyone there set a new PR, and sometimes huge PRs.  No doubt we teach a better more efficient technique, but Jon and I also bring a unique type of “energy” to the table.  A type of “energy that is contagious!  I coach several Mash Mafia Team Members online, and I have found that using skype, facetime, and video analysis increases my effectiveness three fold. 

            I believe that my programming is second to none, but making weekly changes based on the athlete’s technique, feedback, and results simply doubles the results.  I do the same thing with all of my athletes at the Mash Facility.  Whether it’s Jon North(Olympic Hopeful), Tommy Bohanon(NY Jets Fullback), or one of my Division I Athletes, I make weekly changes to their program to attack weaknesses.  That is where the magic happens! 

            Weekly I try to analyze mobility issues, strength ratios, and technique.  There are certain mobility issues that are common like Thoracic Spine, Ankles, and different regions of the hip.  These are areas that we target anyway, but some people need more focus than others.  Strength ratios are important due to injury prevention for example the hamstrings should be about 67% as strong as the quads.  With Jon, this ratio is way off.  If you are following our programming(if not, go to: to sign up for free), you will notice that Jon has a lot of hamstring work.  I am definitely trying to get him stronger, but more importantly, I want his body to last till 2020. 

            Technique issues are normally due to immobility and bad patterning.  If it is mobility, we will assign exercises both weighted and non-weighted to target the issue.  If it is bad patterning, then we will assign technique drills to target the problem. 

            Now you get an idea of what goes into developing the perfect program.  It is a whole lot more than some complex numbers on a computer screen.  The programming at now comes with video analysis and weekly feedback.  My goal is for our online clients to be just as much a part of the team as my guys on site.

            I will be teaching about programming, atmosphere, and targeting of weak spots at the “Learn 2 Lift” Seminars.  We have several scheduled this year including: Keystone CrossFit in Dunmore, PA, Underground Strength Gym in Manasquan, NJ, Camel City CrossFit in Winston-Salem, NC, CrossFit Soul in Miami, FL, CrossFit Broken Chains in Orlando, FL, and CrossFit Vengeance in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Go to to sign up!

            We have several more scheduled for later this year including: Rhode Island, Wilmington, NC, San Antonio, TX, Minneapolis, and several more are waiting to get scheduled.  We will now be scheduling for next year, so to get on the list, email me at  We are so excited to visit new places, meet new people, and to spread the Barbell Life around the world. 

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