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Smashed CrossFit: A Day in the Life!

I just wanted to make a short video showing what a typical day looks like. Here is what people should expect:

1. Mobility and Warm Up
2. Strength Training
3. Metabolic Conditioning
4. Core
5. Stretching

The only parts we left out were Mobility and Stretching. It’s not because they are not important. I just didn’t catch it on film.

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Mash Elite Family


Mash Elite Performance has added a lot to its plate over the last six months. I’ve been so busy that I sometimes forget to tell my friends and supporters. I decided to give a list of some of the cool things that we have going on.

Educating the public about the things that we love is one of our priorities at Mash Elite. We want the world to know about athletic performance, weightlifting, powerlifting, and Crossfit. We want everyone to learn more about nutrition, lifting, sprinting, and jumping. We want the world to be more awesome! To make sure this happens, we developed the “Learn 2 Lift” Seminars, and we are putting on various competitions in the different areas that we teach. We are also putting on some local clinics to educate our community.

Here are some upcoming Events:

Sunday October 20th
MonsterMash Weightlifting Open
At Mash Elite Performance
Starting at 11a

Saturday October 26th
Learn 2 Lift Greensboro, NC
At Lamour Training Systems
Teaching the Snatch and Clean & Jerk
8a to 3p

Saturday November 9th
Learn 2 Lift Wilkesboro, NC
At Crossfit Wilkesboro
Teaching the Snatch & Clean & Jerk
8a to 3p

Saturday November 23rd
Learn 2 Lift Long Island, NY
At Gaglione Strength
Teaching the Snatch & Clean & Jerk
8a to 5p

Saturday December 14th
MashElite’s Free Coaches Clinic
At Mash Elite Performance
Teaching: Speed, Vertical Leap, & Keys to Athletic Performance!

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The internet has allowed coaches to reach out to athletes from all over the world. Now athletes that are looking for solid programming based on their specific goals can have it. Athletes that are looking to perfect their lifting techniques can have coaches no matter where they are. With Skype and FaceTime, I can give athletes qualified coaching as if I was at their facility.

I currently work with over 40 athletes in the US, and several of them are on their way to the Nationals in both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting.

Here are some of our Online Services:

1. 12 Week Programs
-Athletic Performance
-Or a Combination

These programs take into consideration: your goals, your level, your strengths, and your weaknesses. The plan is designed to fit you and your needs.

2. Online Coaching
-via Skype or FaceTime
-Prescribe drills and accessory work based on performance

It’s so cool to be able to affect lives from around the world. Unfortunately there aren’t quality coaches on every corner, but now everyone can have access to high level coaching.

3. Online Consultation
-Any Topic
-Athletic Performance

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Athletic Performance, MashMafia, One on One’s and Crossfit

1. Athletic Performance is the heartbeat of Mash Elite Performance. We consistently send more athletes to college with scholarships than any of the other strength & conditioning facilities in the area. Last year we had five all-state athletes, and this year we have even higher expectations.

The keys to our success are community, expectations, and programming. First and foremost, this means we do life together. We support one another. We don’t hope to do well. We expect it. We have formed a culture of success, so now our athletes are used to succeeding. Our programming is state of the art focusing on: mobility, speed, agility, Plyometrics, strength, nutrition, and metabolic conditioning.

2. MashMafia Weightlifting and Powerlifting is the fun part of Mash Elite. We have formed teams that range from beginners all the way to world champions. Like Athletic Performance the key is community, expectations, and programming. We have teamed up with Jon North’s Attitude Nation Weightlifting Team to form a family of hungry athletes expecting greatness.

3. Our “One on One” and “Small Group” clients are the people that have very specific goals, and they desire to have a little bit more direct coaching. We have several coaches to choose from based on your goals and needs. We guarantee results with our “one on one” clientele as long as they are willing to follow the plan.

4. Smashed Crossfit is our newest program. I am enjoying working with my Crossfitters. Nothing is better than adults that want to go hard in the paint. We have a Crossfitter named Mike that is a 50+ year old Warrior. The guy can do 22 strict pull-ups and loves hitting PRs in the Clean. This is an exciting group to be a part of. If you are an adult that wants to look and feel like you did in high school, come join us.

We all are one big family. This is what makes being a part of Mash Elite so special. We do life together! If someone gets a scholarship, we all do. If someone hits a PR in the Clean & Jerk, we all do. If someone does a pull-up for the first time, we all do.

Check out this video that shows a little bit of all of these components:

If you want to learn more:

Go to: http://www.MashElitePerformance.com

Or call us: 336-998-6379

Or email me at: Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com

MashMafia Programming, Squat Study, & Bible Study at Mash


I have decided to post our MashMafia Team Programming. You will see that there will be a Met Con posted most days. That is for my competitive crossfitters that I program for. They will normally cut out the assistance work before hitting the met con. We are now in a taper cycle peaking for the NC State Weightlifting Championships October 19th. We are also hosting a meet October 20th for the people that didn’t get in (if you are interested, email me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com or go to http://www.MashElitePerformance.com and sign up in the store section). It was so exciting for me to see a NC Meet fill up. Crossfit is doing so much for the sport that I love, and I am personally very thankful for the sport of Crossfit. In following the program realize that all of my athletes have variations of this plan based on what’s good for them. This is just the generic plan. If you want a personalized plan, email me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com or go to http://www.MashElitePerformance.com.

I’m also excited to announce a study on “The Squat” that I am doing in conjunction with Winston-Salem State University. Dr. McKenzie, Exercise Science Professor, is helping me. Right now we are narrowing the components that we will be measuring. As soon as we narrow those down, I will announce exactly what we will measure, and the amount of people that we will be testing. Personally I want to look at muscle fiber recruitment at several angles and using different verbal cues. I will be videoing all squats using Dartfish software for biomechanical feedback. Eventually I want to study the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. I know that there has been numerous studies in the past, but I want to do my own. Otherwise I am just using other people’s research, and I want to have my own. The goal is to write a research based book for beginners that will give a safe and easy to follow program.

I’m the most excited to announce a new bible study at Mash Elite Performance that will take place every Monday at 10a starting this Monday. We will be studying the book “12 Ordinary Men” by John MacArthur. Everyone is welcome!

Today is a day off, but we will still do some drills, mobility and recovery work

Thursday September 26th, 2013
Angel Drops
Hit & Catch Cleans

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The Mash Elite Family and Some Advice to Young Athletes and Coaches!


​Friday was one big celebration at Mash Elite Performance! As usual we celebrated Max Out Friday by Slamming Bars and Killing PRs. Then we (actually the Smashed Crossfit girls) decorated the facility in honor of my beloved wife Emily Drew’s Birthday and we capped the day off with a Chang Thai Friday Night. Every time that we host a Chang Thai Friday Night I sit in my chair in amazement at what God has done with Mash Elite. We roll 30+ deep every time that we do this, and each time I feel like a proud father knowing that this is all a gift from God. Probably the most unusual part of Mash Elite is how so many diverse groups form a family. We have Elite Athletes, National Level Weightlifters, Elite Level Powerlifters, Rocking Crossfitters, and adults just wanting to be in the best shape of their lives. The one common bond is that we all want to take the gifts that God has given us, and take them as far as possible. This common desire for greatness is what bonds us! We get just as crazy when one of our 40 year old house wives get their first pull-up as when one of my athlete receive a D1 offer. I get just as psyched watching my Smashed Crossfitters giving their last drop of sweat as I do watching Rebecca Gerdon slam bars all the way to the Professional Muscle Driver USA Team.

​The best piece of advice that I can give an aspiring Box/Gym/Strength facility owner is to form a Family and not a gym. A Family stays together, and a gym is just another business that opens and closes. At Mash we have a Smoothie Bar, and we have a “hang out area” right up front. We want our members to hang out because they are our family and friends. Every day that Drew and I go to work we simply go hang out with the people that we love. I don’t know the formula to forming such a place, but I will say that your true desire when going into the strength and conditioning business has to be to help people to love people. All that I’ve ever wanted to do is to take my life’s work, and teach it to everyone. I want to give my athletes an edge! I want to give my adults a plan to get in the best shape of their lives! I want to help my strength athletes get stronger than everyone else in the world without hurting themselves or sacrificing their loved ones. Basically I want to teach them all the things that I know work, and to avoid the pitfalls that I know brings pain.

​This is why I am so excited about my “Learn 2 Lift” seminars, and my online training and programming (www.MashElitePerformance.com) because now I have the ability to help the “Nation”. I want to affect as many lives as possible before I die. I want to see the smiles on people’s faces when they reach their goals, and I want to be there to pick people up when they come up a little short. I smile when I look back over my life because I see the hand of God pulling the strings in my life to lead me to this moment in time. I had no idea when I was training at the Olympic Training Center that I would one day be teaching hundreds of people how to Slam Bars. I had no idea when I was striving to be the best Powerlifter in the world that I would be teaching thousands of people how to squat and deadlift. I use all the skills that I learned playing football at Appalachian State University and trying out for the US Bobsled Team to teach young athletes to be the best in what they do. My time hanging out with Charles Poliquin, Dave Tate of Elite Fitness, Mark Watts, Joe Kenn of the Carolina Panthers, Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell, Ed Coan, Steve Goggins, Dr. Larry Gray, Ox Mason, Tim Patterson of T Nation, Jon North of The Attitude Nation and my co-host on Weightlifting Talk, Donnie Shankle, Glenn Pendlay of Muscle Driver USA, Chad Wesley Smith of Juggernaut, Greg Everett of Catalyst, Zach Even-Esh, Ethan Reeves of Wake Forest, Joey Smith, Marc Lobliner, Wes Barnett, Shane Hammons, Dragomir Cioroslan, Donnie Thompson, Jason Coker, Ryan Grady, Mike Kent my Strength Coach at Appalachian State, and all the many that I am forgetting has all molded me to be the Strength Coach that I am today. I treasure the relationships that I make in the strength world because we are all so open to teaching what we know. The key is being open to continued learning. Knowledge is out there guys just be willing to grasp it, and then be willing to teach it. Athletes should embrace the journey because you have no idea how the lessons that you will learn might come to affect others. Coaches never forget all that you have learned, but never stop your quest for knowledge.

Video from Max Out Friday! Notice the different populations!

Video From Chang Thai Friday Night!

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Start Your Own Strength Business Part I


On Weightlifting Talk we are constantly preaching “love your life or change it”. My co-host Jon North and I have a little different view on how quick or when to make the change, but we both agree to change it. My other co-host Ryan Grady and I agree that the change needs to be thought out and planned. I get a lot of emails and messages from people wanting to change their lives. I always answer them with a question, “If money didn’t matter, what would you do with your life? What is your wildest dream?” Most of our listeners and most of my MashEliters out their respond by saying, “Open my own gym!” Drew and I have been blessed with an awesome group at Mash Elite Performance. These people are without a doubt our family, and some of them have been there from the start. We started in 2008 within a gym in Advance, NC training athletes and adults. We then rented a 400 square foot section out of the back of the gym, but we quickly out grew the gym all together. We then moved to a 2000 Square foot section of a strip mall right beside of the gym. Now a lot of people might say that I am competing with the gym, but neither one of us look at it like that. We are two totally different facilities. The people that come to me are not the type of people that are going to pay $30/month to ride a treadmill, and there people aren’t going to pay $240+ to get jacked by me. We work well with each other. Now we are in a 4000 square foot facility still in the same shopping center, and we just put in a bid for 2000 square feet more. That will be a total of 6000 square feet, and all the while in a small town in North Carolina. Now we have Athletic Development, Smashed Crossfit, Adult Weightlifting, Small Group Training, Personal Training, Kung Fu, Training for Warriors, and a Smoothie Bar with a Pro-Shop. We also have a website with a store providing T-Shirts, supplements, and educational DVDs at http://www.MashElitePerformance.com, perform seminars throughout the US called Learn 2 Lift, provide on-line training, Personal Training via Skype or FaceTime, and perform consultations via telephone. I tell you all of this not to brag, but to let you know what I am going to be teaching in this weekly blog. I am also going to start seminars teaching people how to start their own business if you are interested in one email me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com.

In Part I we are going to discuss picking out your location. I have to say that starting in a local gym really helped me build a base of MashEliters, and it gave me access to several perspective clients. It also gave me access to hundreds of parents with children that needed my services. At the time my specialty was athletes and adults that liked training like athletes. I built my business within a business, and it saved thousands of dollars. Most people open a facility, and then they market in hopes of building a business big enough to support their overhead and one day pays them a salary. I opened my business with a steady income of at least $10000 per month, and that really helped ease the pains of opening a new business. I recommend shopping the gyms in your area. The bigger franchise gyms are really hard to cut a deal with, and they want to kill their trainers with a 40/60 split in their favor. That’s ridiculous! The smaller locations are friendlier with trainers, and if you can find a gym that will let you pay a small rent to train your clients, take it. I recommend looking for a $200-600 per month range. If you charge properly, that will be easy to make. I’ll go over what to charge in a later edition. Another big concern should be the area that you the gym is located. I definitely believe in location, location, location! When you are getting started, nobody knows your name. After you are established, you can move almost anywhere, and your loyal clients will follow. If you do move, just look for a location within a 3 mile radius out of respect for your people.

If you can’t find a deal like this, I recommend being very patient in choosing the right location for starting your own gym. I would try to keep the rent as close to $1000 per month as possible because you are going to have several expected and unexpected costs involved which means if you charge $200/person, you will need at least five to just pay for your lease. Remember you are going to have electricity, water, upkeep, insurance, taxes, etc. Try to find an area that is visible as possible, but more importantly in an area that has the median income that will support your business. Once you sign your deal hit the streets and get to know everyone in the community. If you are not into marketing, then I suggest working for someone because marketing is what it takes. Throw free seminars, hit the social media, and absolutely blitz your name all over the place. Your goal should be to have everyone in the area know your name and business. I will go over marketing next time because if you don’t get people in your location, equipment, layout, or programming doesn’t matter.

This is my new passion, so if anyone wants to know more about a “Open your own gym” seminar, email me at:


For More information about Mash Elite, go to:


A Summer of Learning and Evolving


I am sitting here with my daughter Bailey taking a little afternoon rest, and I am reflecting upon the summer that has flashed before my eyes. Mash Elite Performance has evolved from a local business in Advance, NC into a national and international company helping thousands of people reach their desired goals. It has long been my passion to help athletes and adults achieve their athletic and fitness goals, but earlier this year I wanted to find a way to help more than just the people in my area. I didn’t want to be limited on the amount of lives that I could affect. Several opportunities have presented themselves to me that have allowed me to reach my goal.

The first thing that happened was Muscle Driver USA moved to Ft. Mills, SC, and for you that don’t know they had Jon North and Donnie Shankle two of the most animated and talented weightlifters in the country. I like thousands of others watched their videos, and what impressed me the most was the charisma and fire that these two athletes presented on camera. I was from an era in the 90s that followed the bar to the floor, and at most we gave a little golf clap. I never fully understood why we were so anti-climactic during our Personal Record attempts, but I didn’t want to rock the boat. Well these two lifters turned the boat upside down Brother! For the first time these guys were bar slamming, saluting, and getting people psyched about the sport that I have loved for years. Their coach Glenn Pendlay is one of the best programmers that I have ever met, so between Glenn, Donnie, and Jon I had to meet them. I got in my car and drove to Muscle Drive, and the rest is history. Glenn and I are friends, and one of the best lifters that I have ever trained Rebecca Gerdon is now on his team. They are a professional weightlifting team with tons of exposure, so it was in her best interest. Jon and I became friends right away, and I was blessed that he invited me to be a co-host on his Podcast “Weightlifting Talk”. Now thanks to Jon I have been baptized into the Attitude Nation Family, so immediately I have thousands on friends that are starving for information on the iron game. Now weekly I get to train with Jon and Donnie at the Attitude Nation Gym, get words of advice from Donnie, and rock the mike with Jon and our other host Ryan Grady (the world’s best Crossfit Coach). Check out Jon’s website http://www.theattitudenation.com, and I recommend becoming one the Nation. It is a family that lives the “Black Sheep” and “I Do What I Want” code!

Coach Joe Kenn is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Carolina Panthers, and arguably the best strength coach in the business. We have been friends for several years, but now I am blessed to have him workout in my facility when he is at his home in Clemmons, NC. We also got a chance to do a seminar together earlier this year, and I got to see him bring the heat with a group of high school linemen. The guy is the most passionate coach in the business. I am living a dream! Everyone in the business that I respect or look up to is either my friend, workout partner, or business partner. I can’t imagine anything that I would rather be doing. Check out Coach Kenn’s website at: http://www.bighousepower.com!

I now get to write for two guys in my industry that are absolutely turning things upside down with progressive ideas and programs: Greg Everett and Chad Wesley Smith. These two are strength coaches on the West Coast, and both have websites that bleed information. Chad is the owner of Juggernaut Strength, and his website is its http://www.jtsstrength.com. Greg owns Catalyst Athletics, and his website is http://www.catalystathletics.com. Both are amazing coaches and athletes, so naturally I admire both for practicing what they preach.

Two of my own Mash Elite family members Lyndsey and Greg Nuckols (Lyndsey notice your name first) were home for the summer, and this year we really changed MashElite for the better. Greg and Lyndsey are a huge part of the future of MashElite, and this year they showed me how bright that future really is. Greg (check out his blog at http://www.masheliteperformance.com/#!greg-nuckols/cj4s ) is one of the most brilliant Exercise Scientists in the world, and he comes up with mind blowing concepts. I help fine tune them for the general population, and Lyndsey brings them to life. They have already changed my entire website to be more user friendly, and they have simply made it a rich source of information for our fans. We have added events like the one going on this weekend “The Mash Extravaganza”, and a whole list of others. The Mash Extravaganza is a weekend of Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman competition. Greg, Lyndsey, Rebecca, and Caleb Tilson are family members of Mash Elite took it upon themselves to put this great event together. It models some of the older strength pic nics of the past like in York, PA, and our hope is to bring together the strength athletes of the world in fellowship and fun. One of my favorite additions has been the Learn 2 Lift Seminars that are taking place all around the nation (email me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com to bring one to your facility). The seminars are comprised of Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and/or athletic performance. The host simply chooses, and I tailor it to their needs. The benefit that I have over others is that I have been a World Champion and World Record Holding Powerlifter, Olympic Hopeful in Weightlifting and Bobsled, and I played collegiate football at Appalachian State University. Not only have I done it, but I am a Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach that has produced hundreds of Division I Athletes over the last five years. My resume is unique, and now I get to share that knowledge with others. Thanks to Lyndsey and Greg I now provide online Programming and Consultations, so even more people can benefit from my knowledge (www.MashElitePerformance.com in the store section). As of today I now train people via Facetime and Skype which was simply awesome! Now I am not limited by geographic location as to the number of lives that I can affect. Greg and Lyndsey were also the designers of our new supplement line that includes two extremely affective supplements: Fat Burner and Athletic Support. The “Fat Burner” makes coffee look like water, so I use it as a pre-workout. Whether you are using it to shred pounds or earth shaking energy this supplement will do you right. The “Athletic Support” has everything that an athlete needs to get jacked and recover! When supplements are designed by athletes for athletes, the product produced is a whole new form of Awesome. You can find these supplements on http://www.MashElitePerformance.com/#!store/crf1 !

My wife Drew has settled into her piece of the fitness puzzle with adult groups and her brand new “Tush and Abs”. The “Tush and Abs” isn’t a fluff class. It’s just a class filled with mostly women that like metabolic conditioning without a lot of barbell work. She incorporates healthy nutrition, butt kicking, and abs ripping exercises to help these girls transform their bodies. Drew uses her life experiences of weight loss and her personal battle with cancer to motivate her clients into choosing a whole new lifestyle of health and fitness.

One of the most exciting changes this year has been the formation of “Smashed Crossfit”. I absolutely love the community that is crossfit. We partnered up with Pam Fox to run “Smashed Crossfit, and we also brought on Sal Scifo to teach the classes. Pam and Sal love helping people, and I love the fact that they won’t sacrifice form to advance their athletes. I want all of my crossfit athletes to have the best form at all of the competitions, and I want them to win. I am just not going to sacrifice one of my member’s health for a personal record or victory. I watched my team compete this weekend in Salisbury, NC, and I think that all the strength sports could learn from the way that everyone cheered for each other. The whole place was filled with energy and excitement. It was never quiet! Weightlifting and Powerlifting events can seem like golf matches way too often. I watched my athletes give it their absolute all yesterday, and if they weren’t competing, they were cheering for each other.

I am so excited for the future of Mash Elite Performance. We have the best staff on the planet, and I believe that our young staff will propel us into the future. Other strength coaches and owners of strength facilities should learn from my example, and when they have amazing talent on their staff, they should get over their pride and recognize these people young people. Greg and Lyndsey are planning on weekly Skype meeting with me, so that our momentum won’t skip a beat. Our goal as a staff is to revolutionize the strength and conditioning industry.

If you have any questions, email me at:


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Link for The Mash Elite Extravaganza:

Will You Ride the Wave?


​Yesterday on Weightlifting Talk we discussed what it takes to be a champion weightlifter and powerlifter. We all had our various opinions, but one thing that was a common trait is courage. All champions are unafraid to put it all on the line, and just go for it. Weightlifters, powerlifters, pole vaulters, wrestlers, cage fighters, and surfers all know that every time they perform that there is a chance of serious injury or death, but yet they go out and perform. My question to you is, “When a forty foot wave comes, will you risk it all for the chance of becoming a champion?”

​My man JB does the highlights of our show every evening after an episode, and last night I was reading through the hilarious comments when I read one of mine. We were talking about “clarking” or not going under the Olympic lifts and being afraid of the powerlifts, and I responded by saying, “…when it gets heavier, now it’s fun! I might die and I love it!” Right then I realized the very thing that made me a world champion. I wasn’t afraid! I actually came alive when the weight was at an amount that could actually hurt or kill me. I was able to dig deep into a dark place in my mind and exorcise my demons on the bar. I think that if most champions were psychoanalyzed you would find that most were extremists in search of proving their value to the world at any and all cost. It’s harder for me to go to these places now because I have Christ in my life, so I no longer feel like I have to prove anything to anyone except God. I still go hard in the paint no doubt, but now I am having fun. I am not saying that a Christian can’t be a world champion, but the motivation should be different. If you are using your talents to bring God glory, then you should have a no fear attitude.

​No matter the motivation a champion has to have an “at all cost” mind set. What are you willing to do? Will you eat properly? Will you sleep properly? Will you train while your friends are at a party? Will you climb under a bar with a 1000lbs loaded on it, and squat down and come up? Will you catch the ball knowing a 6’4” linebacker is about to crush you? Will you go up for a header with three other people to win the soccer game? Will you catch the 40 ft wave? If you answered yes to these questions and meant it, then you have what it takes to be a champion. Now go out there and catch your wave!

​I’ll be in New Jersey next weekend for my second Learn 2 Lift Seminar at Zach Even-Esh’s Underground Gym. Come on out to learn about the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and how to catch your 40 ft wave. For more information go to:


or email me at:


Introducing the New MashElite: “Get Jacked” Group Training

MashElite: Adult “Get Jacked” Group
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Learn to Master Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting
MEP Experience: Technique, Progressions, & Tricks
The Overall Weightlifting & Powerlifting Experience
– – – – – – – – – –
At Mash Elite Performance
5397 Hwy 158
Advance, NC
Group Will Meet Mon thru Friday at 5:45
Cost is $25/Session, $160/month for 2 Times per week, or $200/unlimited training sessions!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
MashElite’s Adult “Get Jacked” Group is for weightlifters, powerlifters, crossfitters, or anyone who just wants to get jacked! The Group will focus on the Lifts of Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean & Jerk, & Progressions) and Powerlifting (Squat, Bench, & Deadlift). The Group will feature:

-Travis Mash BS, USA Weightlifting SPC, CPT, World Champion Powerlifter, ex Olympic Hopeful Weightlifter and Bobsledder, One of the Strongest Men to Ever Live
-Chris “Ox” Mason BS, CPT, World Record Holding Powerlifter, celebrated author, Inventor, and just a Bad Man!
-Greg Nuckols World Champion Powerlifter, Strongest 242lb Powerlifter in History, Published Author, Smartest Man in World
-Eze Onwurah Nationally Ranked Weightlifter, Best Built Man at MashElite, rapidly taking over Weightlifting in North Carolina

Topics will include:
• Teaching the progressions of the lifts(Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat, Bench, & Deadlift)
• Adult Athletes will learn how to “Get Jacked” and have fun doing it
• Recognizing and correcting mobility issues
• Dynamics of programming & how to implement
• Techniques that will immediately increase any five of the lifts

Athletes MUST register to attend, space is limited to
10 athletes per day!

Contact Information:

This Week’s Training Week 6 June 30th to July 6th

As you can tell this workout is all encompassing. BBd stands for Bodybuilders, and even though we have some Bodybuilders they do the Olympic lifts, they squat hard, and they really have the hardest workout. All of our advanced athletes do the Olympic lifts, and even most of our Powerlifters do the Olympic lifts. The Crossfit section is just for our Crossfitters, so they basically cut out a little of the Olympic assistance work for their Met Cons.

Go to http://www.MashElitePerformance.com for a list of all of our staff’s blogs, a full list of events and seminars, and our newly updated store.

Week 6 June 30th to July 6th

Monday (BB Legs Dominated)

Snatch 90×1, 80x2x3(work up if able)(BBd 90×1, 80×2)

Squats wk5 95×1, 77x3x2, 52x4x1(3 sec pause)(BBd 62% x 20)
Box Jumps/5 x 2-3

Clean Pulls 105%x3x6(work up to 80% of DL)(BBd Reg BB Lunges/10 ss RDLs w chains/8 x 4)
Standing Millitary Press HS, 75x3x2

GHRs ss Plank Core Work x 5(BB GHRS/10 ss Bulgarian Split squats/10 ea x3)

Or crossfit

12 minutes AMRAP
100′ Burpee Broad Jumps
100′ OH Walking Lunges (45/25lb plate)

Tuesday (BB Back Dominated)

Cleans from Box HS, 80×3
Jerks Heavy single, 75x3x2

Pull-ups weightedx 5-8, 1 arm cable Rows/10-15 x 3(BB 5 sets)
(BB BB Bentover Rows/10 ss Heavy DB Pullovers/8 ss TRX Facebusters/12x 5)

or Crossfit
5 Rounds AFAP
Push Press/6 135/105lbs
KB Swings/10 50/35 lb

Wednesday(BB Chest & Arms)

Clean & J 90×1+1, 80×2+1×3(work up)(BBd 90×1+1, 80×2+1×1)

Front Squats 70×3,75×3,80×3,85×3(BBd)

Snatch Pulls from Box 105-130%x3x4
ME Bench 1 Board Max Triple, 92.5%/max attempts
Bench 5/3/1 60/3,70/3,80/3+(BB 60%/15)

Snatch Grip Presses/8 ss Dips/10×3-5 (BBd)

(BBd Band Presses/20 ss TRX Flies/15 x4)
(BBd Fat Bar Curls/10 ss Smith Curls/10 x 4)

Or Crossfit
5 Rounds for Time:
Thrusters/10 95/65lb
Burpee & Side Roll/10

Thursday (Delt oriented)
Snatch from Box HS, 80%x3(BB off)
OH Squat HS,80%x3 (BB off)

(BBd Fat Bar Standing Push Presses/8 x 4)
(BBd Full Lateral Raises/10 ss Plate Raises/10 x 4)

Friday (BB legs dominated)
Max Snatch (25 minutes)
Max Clean & J (25 minutes)

Back Squat max single with 50-60lbs of chain, 85% of bar weight plus chainx3x3(BBd 55%/25)

(BBd DB Racked Position Walking Lunges/15 ea leg ss Elevated BB Hip Ups/15 ss TRX Leg Curls/15 x 4)


5K for Time

Saturday (BB Upper Dominated)

Hang Clean to Clean & Jerk max(5 total work sets)BBd skip

Front Squats 85x5x2(BBd)

Fat Bar Bench HS, 88x2x3
3 Board Bench Max Single, 95% to chestx1, max to chest, 83%x5

(BBd only CG Bench with Chains/8 ss Push-up over Med Ball/20 x 4)

DL Max Double off a High Box(BBd)

Push Press HS, 75x3x2 (BBd ss Nosebreakers/10×3)

GHRs and BB Hip Ups (BBd skip)



20 min AMRAP:
5 Handstand push-ups,
10 1-legged squats (alternating),
15 pull-ups.

This Week of Workouts!

This week is a Deload week, but we are still going at it! I’m very excited about my online programming clients, our new t-shirts, and our Learn 2 Lift Seminar DVD! We sold 32 T-Shirts in the first say! I being able to offer more to my MashEliters and Weightlifting Talk Family! One of my online clients David Argel, owner of Crossfit 140 in Hotlanta, visited MashElite today to slam bars with us. It was a great time getting to know him personally. He fit right in with the MashElite Family!



Week 4 June 16th to June 22nd


Snatch 65x2x2, 70x2x3

Squats wk4 75x3x3
Depth Box Jumps/5 x 2-3

Clean Pulls 100%x2x3
Standing Millitary Press 70x3x2

GHRs ss Plank Core Work x 5

Or crossfit

4 Rounds for time:
Suicides 10y-20y-30y-40yd
DB Thrustersx15. 40s/20slb

Tuesday (Muscle Ups practice or 5reps x 3)

Cleans from Box HS
Jerks Heavy single

Pull-ups weightedx 5, Rows/10, & black burns x 3
or Crossfit
Weighted Pullups/work to max 5 ss Double Unders 25 ss KB Swings heavyx10 50/70lb x 4

Wednesday(Crossfit work on Hand Stands & Contrasting Sled Sprints)

Clean & J 65×2+1×2, 70×2+1×3

Front Squats 70x3x2

Snatch Pulls from Box 100%x3x2
ME Bench Max Triple 2 Board, 95×1 to chest, max
Bench 5/3/1 40/5,50/5,60/5

Plate Raises/8 ss Dips/10×3-5

Or Crossfit
Helen for time:
3 rounds:
400 meter run,
21 1.5-pood Kettlebell swings,
12 Pull-ups.

Thursday (Hand Stand Push Ups Work)
Snatch from Box HS
OH Squat HS

Friday (Double Unders for Crossfit)
Max Snatch (25 minutes)
Max Clean & J (25 minutes)

Back Squat max


For time:
150 Burpees

Saturday (Muscle Ups & L Sits)

High Hang Clean and Push Jerk max 2+1

Fat Bar Bench max 3 to chest
Floor Press max 3

DL Max 3 off of Low Box(bar below knee)

Push Press 70x3x2

GHRs and BB Hip Ups



1) 2XME Unbroken Muscle-Ups – rest as needed between sets (at least 4:00).

150 Wall Balls @20/14lbs


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