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Dream Are Manifested With A Plan Part II


Last time we talked about “Dreams”, and I made the point to Dream Big because that is how people do great things. No one became President of the United States by wanting to be a County Commissioner. Once you Dream Big then you are going to want to write your Dream down. Once a Dream is written down it becomes reality. It is now a realistic target or goal, and now it is time to formulate a plan. The planning process is a time to really get out the thinking cap because this is the heart of the goal setting process.

During this part of the process I recommend finding someone who has already accomplished what you are trying to do and compile as much information as possible on the life of this individual. You will want to find out everything that person did to obtain that goal. For example if you want to be a great American Weightlifter, I would read and research as much as possible about people like Jon North, Kendrick Farris, Donnie Shankle, and/or Wes Barnett. Find out who coached them, what was their program, what did they eat, how did they recover, and any other facts that are important to reaching that level. Then research new and better ideas and formulate your plan. This plan will continue to grow and evolve as you learn more and meet new people, but the original plan is crucial. That original plan will put you on the right track, and it will keep you from making those initial mistakes.

This process works for everything in life. If you want to run a profitable gym, ask me. If you want to be President, study Abraham Lincoln. Don’t just Dream It! Write It Down, and Make a Plan! Next we will finish the process, and explain how it all ties together.

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The American Dream


​The other day I was at MashElite talking with one of our new athletes, Evan Bermudez. I always get a kick out of knowing all about my kids because I think that it is important to get inside your athletes to see what makes them tick. Little did I know that Evan would tell me a story that is worthy of a movie and book deal. When Evan was finished with his story, I realized that I had just heard a story describing the American Dream.

​Evan’s grandfather moved to America from Nicaragua at the age of 13. He had $20 in his pocket, and he realized that he had to kick butt or starve. He read the dictionary to understand the American language better than Americans. He studied harder than any of his classmates and was accepted into Stanford University. He put himself through college and then medical school. Now Evan’s grandfather is a successful Neurologist in Miami, FL. Unreal!!!

​I sit around and listen to Americans complain about why they are not happy, or why they don’t have the job that they want. My answer is put yourself in the shoes of an immigrant. You can’t fail, or you and your family will starve. Get off your butt and quit blaming everyone else for your failure put one foot in front of the other and start living your life! I am going to give you all a tool to have a life that is happy, so get turn off the TV, shut your mouth, and read!

​First, I suggest figuring out what makes you happy. What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? I’m not quite as abrasive as my co-host on Weightlifting Talk, The Champ Jon North, so I am not saying to quit your job. Yet! I am saying just figure out your dream. Then start a plan! Figure out the steps necessary to obtaining the goal. I suggest looking at that dream like an immigrant meaning that failure isn’t a possibility. If you work a job without a formal education, and you want to be a doctor, then start taking classes. If you are taking steps toward your goal, you will be surprised how much better that you begin to feel. The more precise the plan is then the more likely you are to reaching your Dream.

​Next, you have to be committed! I mean all in Jack! Are you starting to see how life is so much like weightlifting? If I want to go to the Olympics, then I have to have a plan. Then a weightlifter has to be unbelievably committed like a Jon North or Donnie Shankle. Are you willing to sleep in a chair because a bed hurts your back? Are you willing to not have a cell phone because you don’t want distractions? Evan’s grandfather was willing to do all of this and more. Nothing makes me madder than a lazy, non-working American complaining about migrant workers. Those jobs are available to anyone, but most Americans are too lazy to work them, or they think that they should be paid more. Look we were all told in school that if we didn’t go to college or develop a trade, then we would be left to the mercy of the business owner. My point is that if you didn’t take the time to become valuable then start working, but start working towards becoming valuable.

​My last piece of advice is to stay the course. Be patient! Stay committed! A person with a plan is unstoppable. I am blessed by my God to have the ability to be doing exactly what I love. I get to help people daily to get healthier. I also get to help people with direction in their life, and more importantly I get to share my love of Christ with others. Spend your life taking the gifts that God has given you, and set an example of greatness for the rest of the world. Then use your place in life to help others nothing is more fulfilling. I promise! Last use your relationships to Glorify God at least that is my prayer for my life. Jon is right when he says, “Love your life or change it!” I just say to have a plan to assure the change!

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