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Greg Everett, American Weightlifting


Weightlifting Pioneers

Yesterday on Weightlifting Talk (http://www.spreaker.com/page#!/user/weightlifting_talk/greg_everett) my friend Greg Everett joined me and Jon North in a discussion about his upcoming Documentary Film “American Weightlifting”. We also discussed the future of American Weightlifting. I loved the fact that we were all positive. We gave solutions and ideas. I feel like I am a small part of the Evolution of American Weightlifting.

I believe that there is a new generation of Weightlifter that wants to see the sport grow. A generation that has the energy to bring the sport to the people. A generation that wants to show public the reason they have such extraordinary passion for the sport of Weightlifting. With the help of social media and CrossFit, I believe that people like Jon North, Greg Everett, and myself are showing the public why the sport of Weightlifting is so exciting.

CrossFit has taken the world by storm with millions of fans world wide. For the first time in history, people are starting to know and respect the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. A MashEliter Lisa Sokolsky told me a story about watching the Crossfit Games with her husband Mitch. Mitch wasn’t really interested until he saw the Clean & Jerk ladder. When people see 300+lbs heaved above someone’s head, they realize how awesome it is.

We have all tried lifting various rocks, hay, or other objects, so the public can identify with certain weights being lifted from the ground to overhead. It’s the most functional movement on earth. Especially when you add in the beauty and grace of a well performed Snatch or Clean & Jerk, people are left in awe.

Yesterday after the show, I was left motivated to take the sport to the world. I am blessed to already have a Weightlifting Team, but I want to take the sport to the schools. I want to have weightlifting in every school in my area. The sport of Weightlifting is superior when it comes to comes to Athletic Performance. That’s why I think that it’s a good fit for all schools. We just need the man power and education systems put in place to educate the community leaders.

I just feel so blessed to be a part of this movement. The pioneers of the past have laid a wonderful foundation for the current generation to run with. I just thank God that I am friends and partners with men like Greg Everett, Jon North, Glenn Pendlay, Spencer Arnold, and Donnie Shankle. We all love, sweat, and bleed the sport of Weightlifting. I believe this passion will spill over onto the world!

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Exciting New from Mash Elite Performance

​Let me say right now that my staff is the best that it has ever been! Drew and I just want to thank Rebecca, Chris “Ox”, Greg, Lyndsey, Poppy, Pam, Eze, Caleb, Mark, Matt, Rabbit, and Heath from the bottom of our heart because you guys are Boss!!!! It is unreal what these guys come up with and can do. I am confident that we have people on our staff right now that will leave the Strength and Conditioning World turned upside down when they are finished. My two most improved have to be Greg and Lyndsey because last year they had some vague ideas, but this year there ideas are industry altering. I can’t tell you all of them on here, but in a couple of months we will be making some announcements that will literally shake the world.

​Today I am excited to announce the reshaping of our website. Thanks to Greg and mainly Lyndsey our Blog section http://www.masheliteperformance.com/#!staff-blogs/cae5 includes a lot of our staff. This will give you guy’s perspectives from several angles. For example Rebecca Gerdon/my adopted daughter is now a professional Weightlifter with Muscle Driver USA. Not only is she a great weightlifter and dancer, but she is unbelievably smart. She is a recent graduate from UNC Chapel Hill with her Exercise Science Degree. She also has her CSCS, and she is a Certified Sports Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting. Greg Nuckols is the smartest of all, and I am picking him to take over the Exercise Science World. He is also the best Drug Free 242lb Powerlifter that has ever lived, so if you want to know how to get really strong without steroids ask him. Chris “Ox” Mason my best friend since college and training partner is now on the team. He is my COO which means he keeps me and Mash Elite organized and running smooth. He is also a Pro Powerlifter that has been away from the game, but a lot of people remember him as the one that kept me on a leash. He is a big part of why I did so well, and we all can learn from this guy. He is also the most jacked guy in our gym. The dude makes the guys off the Movie 300 look like Golfers. My beautiful wife Emily Drew brings a whole new side to the blog section because she doesn’t just give you ideas that got her a 300lb squat, 170lb Bench, and a 355lb Deadlift, but she tells you how she did it at 132lbs of sexy. She shares her diet and nutrition thoughts along with some awesome recipes. Drew is a Wake Forest University graduate, and she is a cancer survivor, so her insight is from the eyes of both wisdom and a view that God only shares with a few of us. I believe that all of these perspectives will help all of you with new and innovative ways of reaching your goals.

​We also have an Events Section http://www.masheliteperformance.com/#!news/cuc with several awesome events coming up. The first one is the Level II Camp at the Attitude Nation Gym. This will entail Jon North and Donny Shankle teaching Olympic Weightlifting, Ox and I teaching the Powerlifts, and Ryan Grady and his Gymnastic Olympic hopeful friend teaching gymnastics. Wow! Next up is the second Mash Camp of the summer for ages 13+, and we will be teaching all of these young athletes: running mechanics, jumping mechanics, agility, Olympic weightlifting, strength for athletes, goal setting, mindset, nutrition, and much more. August 3rd takes me to NY, NY for an Oly/Powerlifting seminar at The Premiere Fitness. I can’t wait to teach in the Big Apple. Our summer will be finishing up with the biggest event in North Carolina History. We will be determining who really is the strongest man in the world at the Mash Strength Extravaganza. We will have our competitors compete in weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman, and I am going on record right now to say that I don’t think that anybody can beat me!!!!

​With Lyndsey’s help I have opened our ‘Store’ section http://www.masheliteperformance.com/#!store/crf1 of our website with some really cool and educational items. This weekend we added our DVD from our June 1&2 Learn 2 Lift Seminar. This DVD explains the teaching progressions of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. We teach you all the tricks that we have used to build so many champions in such a short amount of time. We also explain the basics of programming, mobility, correcting biomechanical issues, and much more. This one is a must have. We also added our Boss ‘Max Out Friday’ T-Shirt that every bar slammer on the planet should own.
Max Out Friday is a way of life at MashElite, and now you can wear it out in the world. I am also sharing my “I Do What I Want” T-Shirt that is already selling off the shelves. This is a phrase that I use a lot on Weightlifting Talk that has caught on like a wild fire. We also have all of our other shirts including my wife’s girls only group T-Shirt ‘Tush and Abs’. We also offer online programming and/or Consultations from me, Greg or Rebecca. Check it out, and I am sure that there is something there to help you learn, and that you want wear to send the world a message.

​Anyway as you can tell I am fired up! My staff has really got me amped about our future. We have a lot of new ventures on the horizon including Webinars that will hopefully start here in the next two week. Some of our other surprises will be announced in the next month or two after the lawyers have given us the go ahead, but I promise that your jaws will drop!!

​So for now go to http://www.MashElitePerformance.com and take a look around!