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Mash Potatoes Lean & Mean

ImageMash Potatoes Lean & Mean


            Two months ago I was weighing 225lbs.  I decided I wanted to go down to my original weight class of 94k/207lbs.  I’m 40 years old, so health is a major priority.  My goal is to next year compete at the Weightlifting National Championships and the Master’s World Championships in the 94k Class, and compete in Powerlifting at 90k.  I haven’t been in either of these weight classes since the 1990s.  My weight currently is 210lbs, and I’ve noticed incredible results.  The results have inspired me to blog about what I’m doing and what I’ve noticed. 

            My wife is the local nutrition/recipe/cooking Queen!  She calls her work, “Mash potatoes”.  The premise behind her recipes is no salt, no sugar, and no flour.  This is common sense stuff guys.  Most inflammation experts refer to these three as the “three white killers”.  Let me say up front, I am not a nutrition expert.  To really be an expert, I believe one needs to actually be doing the research.  There are studies out there that prove everything to be correct.  If I read a ton of peer reviewed articles, that doesn’t make me an expert.  I would simply be regurgitating someone else’s work.  With that being said, I am simply going off what I’ve read and experienced.  Disclaimer!!!!

            I’ve eaten her food for years, and I can honestly say I have never eaten anything that I didn’t love.  So I’m not suffering by any means!  The difference now is that I am not cheating or eating out.  I have also traded out all carbonation for water and coffee.  This isn’t a Paleo Diet because we eat legumes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, some rice, and some dairy.  We have a small cheat once per week, but now I am at a point that I am not craving the cheat day. 

            The best benefit that I have noticed is increased mobility with little to no pain in my joints.  As a 40 year old trying to compete head to head against 20 year olds, the hardest part has been dealing with painful and immobile joints.  With a clean diet, more water, fish oil, Dr. Gray(World’s Best Chiro), Kenny Clark(World’s Best Ortho), soft tissue work, mobility work, and proper sleep, I feel the best I have felt in years. 

            My advice to the 40 year olds out there that still want to live a healthy, active, and even competitive lifestyle, is to focus on diet and recovery as much as the
workout.  I also recommend to add mobility, soft tissue work (lacrosse balls, foam rollers, etc.), and stretching as a daily component to your life.  My advice to you young folks is to start proper nutrition and recovery now.  Remember this, “The Person Who Stays in the Game Longer Without Major Injury, WINS!”

            I want to thank my beautiful wife, Emily Drew Mash, for being the most amazing wife in the world.  Emily Drew, you are the Proverbs 31 Wife!  Anyone that has eaten her food or used her recipes are all blessed with someone who can make food Delicious without salt, flour, or sugar. 

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Her blog is full of recipes, tips, wisdom, and down right great writing.  I married the most brilliany wife on the planet.


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What Makes a Great Athlete Great?

What Makes a Great Athlete Great?

Parents ask me all the time to make their son or daughter like one of my other great collegiate athletes, and my response is always the same. I tell them that their child will be given the same opportunities that all of my prior athletes were given. The question is always, “Will the athlete take advantage of all of their opportunities?” Sorry to say that most will not! I am going to list the key ingredients that make Great Athletes Great.

1. They become “Masters of the Mundane”. This means that they do the little things to get better. Some of these little things are sleeping right, eating right, stretching, giving it their best on every rep of every set, and prioritizing their life. First sleeping right means that they are getting at least 8-10 hours per night. This might mean skipping parties or not going out on dates, but greatness does not come cheaply. They learn about nutrition, and they apply it. They don’t skip meals, and they become careful of what goes in their mouths. They stretch the muscles that are identified as tight by me. They also work on stabilizing the weak muscles that are identified by me. They don’t cheat reps or sets! That means that they run through the line, and they will probably give me 12 reps when I asked for 10. Last they prioritize their life! If they go on a vacation, then they ask me for a workout to do while traveling. Our athletes have access to unlimited amounts of knowledge because they have coaches that live Exercise Science. Now we have online clients that have the same on our website http://www.MashElitePerformance.com in the store section.

2. They set goals! All of my great ones have set concrete goals that they have written plans set in stone to reach said goal. We teach them to dream it, write it down, formulate a plan, commit to the plan, and follow through. It’s a plan that worked!

3. They do not need to be pushed! A lot of parents tell me to push their child, and I do exactly what they ask. My goal is always to teach them to push themselves. To do this I have to find out what drives them, and then I get them to visualize reaching that one thing. Cole Blankenship is arguably one of the best athletes that I have ever trained. He is a Freshman at North Carolina State University, and he plays Football for the Pack. He is considered one of the top recruits in his class, and I can tell you that no one had to push him. This kid was driven, and he still is. There is no way that he will not earn a starting spot because he is driven more than any of the other kids. That is what an athlete needs to strive to become on their own. Now I did push him further than he thought was possible, but he had his own motivation.

4. Genetics! Now this one I have nothing to do with. This is totally up to the parents, but don’t get me wrong. I have seen undersized athletes work hard and earn scholarships. They just have to be a lot better than the bigger ones.

Now it’s out there! I just wanted all children and adults know what it takes to be great. All of my great ones possess all of these qualities, and I simply push them over the edge. I take their drive and make it better. I take their strength and make them stronger. My kids have a lot of tools at their disposal because we have a brainiac staff. If you would like to know more about Mash Elite, contact us on http://www.MashElitePerformance.com.