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Great Coaches Notice


Great coaches don’t just write a program, and tell their athletes good-luck! Great coaches take notes on their athletes daily. They notice the warm ups their athletes perform. They notice how certain programming affects the athlete. They notice their attempts, and make note if the athlete should take small or big jumps. They look at their movement patterns. They look at how the athlete is designed. They look at the strengths and weaknesses of each of their athletes. My friend and partner Ox Mason wrote a blog about cookie cutter programs, and I am in total agreement. Let’s look at two of my athletes, and I will show you the differences.

First I have Caleb Tilson a 94 KG Weightlifter. Caleb has strong legs, and he can take all the volume that you throw at him. His weaknesses are movement and mobility. His thoracic spine and ankles are his biggest enemies. Caleb must have more warm up time, and his programs must be high in volume. Low volume programming wouldn’t trigger the adaptation response required to get stronger and more efficient in the lifts. The more he practices the more his body learns the movement patterns, and therefore adapts with a more efficient movement pattern. His Front Squat is 350, but his Clean & Jerk is only 300. That tells me that he needs more time practicing the lifts.

Eze Onwurah is also a 94 KG lifter. Eze has great movement patterns and mobility, however high volume wrecks his body. Eze Clean & Jerks 325lbs, and he Front Squats 350lbs. This is fairly efficient, so he needs equal work in both the lifts and squats. Eze is better off with slightly higher intensity and lower volume workouts. Keeping Eze healthy is the ticket to success for his weightlifting career, so his warm up must be substantial. Our goal is to keep him optimally mobile, and to stabilize any weakness that we find.

I recommend that coaches keep a pad close by to make note of all the questions that I names earlier. Coaches get to know your athletes inside and out! They are looking for you to help them reach their goals, so it is up to you to do the little things that other coaches won’t. For a list of my upcoming Learn 2 Lift Seminars go to:


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What’s Your Excuse?


Today I witnessed the most inspirational event of my life. Lisa
Gniewek my client, my friend, and my inspiration to attack life set a
lifetime PR in the Clean & Jerk at 140lbs. Lisa is a 42 year wife,
mother of two, Pediatrics Registered Nurse, and a stage IV Lung Cancer
battler. I watch her day in and day out walk through the Mash Elite
doors to battle the weights and attack life. She works out every day
even while enduring the gruesome effects of chemotherapy.
Lisa isn’t just a mother and wife, but she is a competitive
weightlifter and powerlifter. She is an irreplaceable part of the
Mash Elite Family. Lisa has been with Mash Elite from the beginning.
Since she has been my client, Mash Elite has grown in space three
times, and she has always been there to pull up carpet and paint or
whatever was needed. She has been at every weightlifting meet and
every powerlifting meet that Mash Elite has attended, so basically she
is as much a part of our training center as the squat racks. Now she
spends her extra time working our smoothie bar and trying to keep our
place a little cleaner. Basically Lisa is a gym rat!!!
My point in writing this is to inspire the people that always have a
reason not to work and get in shape. Every time that you think of a
reason to not go to the gym remember Lisa and tell yourself to get off
the couch and go attack life. I have never seen anyone overcome so
many obstacles in my life, and the whole team she maintains the best
attitude in the gym. I am throwing the gauntlet down to the world
right now! Follow Lisa’s lead and attack life! Quit using excuses
and get out there and use what God has given you to bring Him glory!
Time is precious to us all, so quit saying tomorrow and get right
Sometimes I find myself crying about being 40 years old and competing
at the American Open Weightlifting Championships, and then I remember
my friend Lisa. None of us have a reason to cry about anything! We
just have a life to live, so live it man! Squat a personal record!
Run that Marathon! Visit South Africa! Love your wife and a child
like no one has ever loved before. Don’t do life luke warm! Do it
Hottt!!!! God has given us all one shot at this thing called life, so
honor Him by using what He has given you.
I am putting her video link at the bottom of this blog, so check it
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