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Max Out Friday Tips!


Some Tips to Make Max Out Friday the Best:

1. Get lots of sleep the night before 9-10 hours!

2. Have a big breakfast!

3. Have your favorite Energy Drink and Coffee available!

4. Have a glycogen replenishing drink available to sip on with extra BCAAs added.

5. Have a play list just for Max Out Friday!

6. Train with people that have the same goals of greatness!

7. Take a break between Snatch and Clean & Jerk! Take a moment, sip on an MRP, and gather your thoughts!

8. Track your minimums! That is the weights that you can always hit, and at least try to raise those.

Here is a video of the First Monster Mash Open:

Good-Luck Today!

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Max Out Friday! 10/4/13 5 Tips for Snatch & 5 Tips for Clean & Jerk


Snatch max focus on minimum
Clean & Jerk max focus on minimum
Jerks off Box or Snatch Balance work

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps:
Deadlifts @1.5 bodyweight,
Bench Press @bodyweight,
Cleans @0.75 bodyweight.

Snatch Tips:
1. Bring the bar into the shin before the pull to start the shift from ball of foot to heels.
2. Stand all the way up through the heels to ensure proper Pendlay Position 1 for Bar to Hip Contact. “Stand up” is a superior verbal cue to “Jump”!
3. Release the hook grip in the catch position.
4. Get comfortable in the catch position! Let the weight settle before standing up!
5. Catch the weight with the head through, vertical back, & weight distributed on upper back and traps.

Clean & Jerk Tips:
1. Bring the bar into the shin before the pull to start the shift from ball of foot to heels.
2. Stand all the way up through the heels to ensure proper Pendlay Position 1 for Bar to Hip Contact. “Stand up” is a superior verbal cue to “Jump”!
3. Practice catching the bar oscillation out of the bottom of the catch. Jon North is an example of someone who can stand up with any weight because of his timing in the catch phase.
4. If you start struggling out of the bottom of the catch, go back down and catch another bounce.
5. With the Jerk keep a vertical back on the dip, dip straight down with butt slightly back, and learn to push your body down, under and through the bar.

I just finished watching my morning crew PR right & left! Unbelievable group! On my way to the Level II Attitude Nation Camp! Can’t wait!

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Be on the lookout for the “Donate to Lisa G.” section of http://www.MashElitePerformance.com and http://www.TheAttitudeNation.com. It will be up next week, and we are having a competition November 16th that we will announce information on next week as well. For all of you that don’t know Lisa G. is an original MashMafia member that is battling Lung Cancer.

Videos of the week:

Max Out Friday is a Way of Life!

Max Out Friday is a Way of Life!

I woke up this morning excited like it was the Friday morning of a Friday Night Football Game in High School. Max Out Friday makes total sense! Every week you give your athletes a chance to go to battle against themselves and each other. Every Friday is a chance to be better than the last, and maybe a chance to be better than you have ever been in your life. This is a life lesson!

Every week in life should be a Max Out Friday! Maybe you were laid off last week, but this week is a chance to get a better job. This week could be a chance to start your own business, and a chance to call your own shots. This means that this week is not a week to feel sorry for yourself, drink your blues away, or to sit on the couch. Get you butt off the couch, and let’s Max Out in Life Man!

I’m 40 year old, and every Friday I wake up excited for the possibilities. The possibility that one of my athletes will do something extraordinary. The possibility that one of them will understand competition a little better. Heck The Possibility that maybe I will set a PR that I haven’t hit in 15 years. I am within 10 kilos in my Snatch, and 20 K in my Clean & Jerk, and I have only been training 6 months. So I say again, IT’s MAX OUT FRIDAY BABY! Get off your butt, and live this one life that God has given us! Don’t waste the precious gift that God has granted us! Do Work! Do something Extraordinary! Do something for the first time in your life!!! Glorify God!!

Now Let’s Go!!! It’s Max Out Friday!!!

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