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Smashed CrossFit: A Day in the Life!

I just wanted to make a short video showing what a typical day looks like. Here is what people should expect:

1. Mobility and Warm Up
2. Strength Training
3. Metabolic Conditioning
4. Core
5. Stretching

The only parts we left out were Mobility and Stretching. It’s not because they are not important. I just didn’t catch it on film.

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Struggles and Scary Moments!


The strength sports, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, Highland Games, and even Throwing, are filled with scary moments and struggles. I have competed in two of these primarily at a very high level, Weightlifting and Powerlifting. I have experienced and witnesses some major trials, and some very scary moments. With today being Halloween, I thought it appropriate to share some of these moments.

I spent most of my competitive career in the sport of powerlifting. My best lifts in competition were a 970lb Squat, 722lb Bench, and a 804lb Deadlift. At this level, it’s only a matter of time before things go wrong. My scariest moment happened at the 2004 WPO World Championships. I had 930lbs on my back in the Squat. On the way down, I felt a rip! I thought it was part of my singlet, but I was wrong! When I reached the bottom, and started the ascent, I realized that I had ripped my quadriceps. The scariest part was filling trapped with that massive amount of weight on my back. Thankfully the spotters were on their game, and they were able to help me. It only took seconds to get me up, but it felt like being buried alive for an eternity under a massive boulder.

One of the scariest moments that I witnessed was at the same event. Julie Scanlon, one of the strongest 165lb women of all-time, was competing. She was attempting 400+ lbs in the bench press, and I believe it was the heaviest bench ever at that Bodyweight. She actually finished the bench, and she received the rack command. Then lightning struck! A thunderous CRAACCKK was heard throughout the auditorium! It was Julie’s Ulna and Radius bones breaking in half at the wrist! My whole body cringed in nauseated disbelief at what I had just witnessed.

The strength sports that we all love so much are filled with moments like these. The road to success in any of these sports are paved with many injuries, trials, shortcomings, and hard work. We all seek to dominate sports that most don’t know about or understand! My road to winning the world championships was no different. I had injuries, close defeats, financial struggles, and shortcomings! These are the times that I remember the most. If it were easy, I wouldn’t have wanted it. We all love this sport for these reasons because we are willing to risk it all! We are willing to endure back pain! We are willing to overcome injuries and persevere! Heck we might die! We are Iron Warriors, and unless you’ve been there, you will never know what I’m talking about.

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Weightlifting Talk Questions Answered


Question: Hey Travis, hope I’m not late asking questions to make the blog post in leiu of Weightlifting Talk. Got a really good female powerlifter (prepping for IPL Worlds) that is struggling to stay back on he deadlifts. She looks like she’s set up in a good position with her shoulders above the bar, and arms vertical. Then her first movement is to raise her hips and shift her shoulders forward without the bar moving. Any tips/drills to use to prevent this from happening?

Here’s a link to a Coach’s Eye video of her lifting, if it helps explain things:


Thanks a lot!

Answer: There should be a shift right before the bar leaves the ground from the balls of the feet to the heels! Another thing is to drop the butt and raise the chest a little more. Also if you flare your knees slightly, this will bring your hips closer to the bar. This will also change the center of gravity more in your favor. The Chinese do this with Olympic weightlifting. I’ll make a video later today explaining what I am talking about.

Question: Question for cancelled weight lifting talk. What is the appropriate level of intensity when training weight lifting? Coming from a cross fit background I have a hard time gauging how much rest between sets.

Answer: Intensity refers to the amount of work required to achieve the activity, and is proportional to the mass of the weights being lifted. I believe your question is more about work capacity and rest intervals. I would take about 1-3 minutes between sets because in a competition worst case scenario you will follow yourself and have two minutes between lifts. Therefore an average of two minutes will prepare your body for that two minute period. Let me know if this answers your question.

Question: Hi Travis. Love listening to you on Weightlifting Talk. I recently took Jon’s level 1 and loved it. My next is your powerlifting seminar. I like OLY but LOVE Power !!! I just started a new training cycle for a meet in November. I’m struggling with what to eat before I lift and after. I usually lift at 5:45 am. Today I had a whey shake and banana. I put in 1 1/2 hr of heavy bench & accessories. Then I had eggs, bacon and sweet potato fries. I feel totally wiped. Is there a supplement or something different I can do for recovery? Of course, I work 8-4 daily. So I cook ahead and re-heat a lot. thanks

I think your biggest problem is going to be getting enough calories. The first step to solving your problem is making a food journal and seeing how many you’re getting. My idea is you’re probably not getting enough. You’re probably under eating and not getting enough of good carbs. Starches are your friend so think sweet potatoes and carrots. You need to eat to perform. Another thing to look at is your sleep, 7 and a half to 9 hours wouldn’t hurt. I know that isn’t feasible for everyone but sleep is a huge factor in performance. Let me know what those calories per day numbers are and we can go from that. ~mobilitah Moses

Question: @JoshCanaris: @AttitudeNation @MashElite Q for today’s Podcast. Can Powerlifting movements (Back Sq, DL, BP, OHP) be trained every day (i.e Bulgarian?)

Answer: The problem with doing the Powerlifts everyday is the time under tension is so much higher than the Olympic lifts. The extra time under tension causes more hypertrophy than the Olympic lifts, so a little more recovery is needed. I believe that you can definitely perform the Powerlifts more like 3-4 times per week which is a lot more than people prescribed in the past. Of course you would want to wave volume and intensity both weekly and monthly.

Question: @DRHtraining: @MashElite have you written any articles about training for both weightlifting and powerlifting at the same time? if so can you post a link.

Answer: This is a great question, and no I don’t have an article. Most of my team trains like this, so we can be ready to taper for each. We are in to being strength athletes, and each of my athletes are designed better for one or the other. Caleb for example is a National Powerlifter, and a Collegiate National Powerlifter. As they advance normally they will gravitate toward the sport that they are better at. I’ve trained like this most of my life except for the six years that I dedicated to Powerlifting. Here is an example workout:

Snatch medium intensity
Squat heavy
Snatch Pulls progressing to Snatch DLs
Standing Military Press

Power Snatch
Power Clean
OH Squats
Jerks from Box
Bentover Rows

Clean & Jerk medium
Front Squats Heavy
Clean Pulls progressing to DLs
Bench Press repetition method


Max Snatch
Max Clean & Jerk

Max Effort Squat (a version of squat)
Max Effort Bench (a version of squat)
Max Effort Deadlift (a version of DL)
Assistance (target what you are weak at)

Notice that you are Snatching three times, Clean & Jerking three times, pressing three times, pulling three times, and squatting three times all in five days, so it’s totally possible. For more precise programming email me at Travis.Mash@MashElitePerformance.com.

Question: Just started the #ANP programing!! Whats the best order when you have a slowlift, O-lift, and WOD on the same day…?

Answer: It all depends on your main goals and where you are in your programming, but if you take energy systems into consideration, O-Lifts, Slow Lifts, and then Met Con.

Question: What are you thoughts on the starting position in the C&J? Wide .. narrow? Does it depend on the lifter?

Answer: For the most part Close allows the arms to move quicker, but if you are mobile, a wider grip allows for a shorter stroke in the jerk. Wider also brings the bar higher on the hips in the power position.

Question: I have a question for you, and you can post it on weightlifting talk today. I won’t be able to listen, but I’d love to have this addressed. I have a talented female lifter that can go far in either powerlifting or weightlifting under the right guidance. The problem is that she has scoliosis. Her father is concerned about that factor as he should be. Realistically, how much of a limiting factor is the scoliosis in terms of competitive lifting, and should it keep her from competitive lifting?

Answer: First I have to say consult a qualified Doctor’s opinion, and for me I would have to know how severe. With that being said one of the greatest Powerlifters of all-time, Lamar Gant had major scoliosis. His torso would actually shrink when he deadlifted. I believe that it’s definitely possible. Here is a video of Lamar:

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P.S. check out this video full of knowledge and awesomeness!

Introducing the New MashElite: “Get Jacked” Group Training

MashElite: Adult “Get Jacked” Group
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Learn to Master Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting
MEP Experience: Technique, Progressions, & Tricks
The Overall Weightlifting & Powerlifting Experience
– – – – – – – – – –
At Mash Elite Performance
5397 Hwy 158
Advance, NC
Group Will Meet Mon thru Friday at 5:45
Cost is $25/Session, $160/month for 2 Times per week, or $200/unlimited training sessions!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
MashElite’s Adult “Get Jacked” Group is for weightlifters, powerlifters, crossfitters, or anyone who just wants to get jacked! The Group will focus on the Lifts of Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean & Jerk, & Progressions) and Powerlifting (Squat, Bench, & Deadlift). The Group will feature:

-Travis Mash BS, USA Weightlifting SPC, CPT, World Champion Powerlifter, ex Olympic Hopeful Weightlifter and Bobsledder, One of the Strongest Men to Ever Live
-Chris “Ox” Mason BS, CPT, World Record Holding Powerlifter, celebrated author, Inventor, and just a Bad Man!
-Greg Nuckols World Champion Powerlifter, Strongest 242lb Powerlifter in History, Published Author, Smartest Man in World
-Eze Onwurah Nationally Ranked Weightlifter, Best Built Man at MashElite, rapidly taking over Weightlifting in North Carolina

Topics will include:
• Teaching the progressions of the lifts(Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat, Bench, & Deadlift)
• Adult Athletes will learn how to “Get Jacked” and have fun doing it
• Recognizing and correcting mobility issues
• Dynamics of programming & how to implement
• Techniques that will immediately increase any five of the lifts

Athletes MUST register to attend, space is limited to
10 athletes per day!

Contact Information:

New Programming

This week is the beginning of all new programming at MashElite. The last 12 week cycle produced some huge PRs and MDUSAs newest Team Member Rebecca Gerdon. We watched as Eze Clean & Jerked an amount that he couldn’t deadlift two year ago 315lbs. The program is written for weightlifters, powerlifters, and Crossfitters which make it fairly unique. You just have to know the parts that are for you, and the parts that are not. For example Crossfitters drop the accessory work, and they have daily Met Cons instead that match the day’s workout. Powerlifters can drop the Oly Lifts, and Weightlifters can drop the bench press work. It is a very synergistic workout, and I am excited to bring it to my reader and followers. I will give you a workout daily. Now for my programming clients don’t be mad because this is a general workout that isn’t tailored to your specific needs. Today I am going to list yesterday and today’s workout:

New 12 Week Cycle May 26th

Week 1 May 26th to June1st

Monday (Crossfit Double Unders Warm Up & hurdle series)

Snatch 60×3,65×3,70x3x4(inc. weight if able)

Squats wk1 80/3, 703×2, 40%/5×1 5sec pause
Depth Box Jumps/5 x 2-3

Clean Pulls 100%x2x5 becoming Speed DLs no more than 80%
Standing Millitary Press HS, 65x3x2

GHRs ss Plank Core Work x 5
Or crossfit
800m run ss 10 pull-ups x 3

Tuesday (Muscle Ups practice or 5reps x 3)

Power Cleans 70x3x5(inc. weight if able)
Jerks Heavy single, 65/3×2

Pull-ups/5-8, Rows/10, & black burns x 3
or Crossfit
Burpee Box Jumps/10 ss Toes 2 Bar/10 12 minutes AMRAP

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

To get programming specific to you check out our store http://www.masheliteperformance.com/#!store/crf1

For our upcoming events check out

Lessons From MashElite!

Lessons From MashElite

Yesterday I was working with a new family that signed up as a small group, and I noticed that the dad was looking around in amazement. I was curious as to what he was thinking, and he simply told me that he had never seen any of the exercises/activities that were going on. I took the time to look around, and I was taken back a little also. I guess when you are in the daily routine, sometimes you miss the awesomeness that is taking place. As I looked around I saw athletes Clean & Jerking, foam rolling, performing core exercises with a cable machine in a half kneeling position, jumping on the vertimax, overhead squatting, deadlifting, sprinting with sleds attached, performing various glute exercises and many other activities. At that moment I realized how much our program has evolved over the past several years. I say “our” because we are a team. I might have the last say in things, but input from our key players is always taken into consideration.

The key here is to surround yourself with brilliant team members. Number one on that list is of course my beautiful/brilliant wife. Her creative brain is constantly coming up with ideas to improve MashElite. Lately her ideas have almost doubled our business by appealing to the young ladies of the world. Her new “Tush & Abs” group is a big hit! The girls love it, and they are forming functional movement patterns, increasing mobility, and getting stronger while having fun. It doesn’t hurt our image that she is the strongest girl powerlifter in the gym, and in my opinion the most beautiful.

My two young exercise science whiz kids are Greg Nuckols and Rebecca Gerdon. These two bring so much to the table in terms of programming, speed development, mobility, functional movement, mechanics of the lifts, and both write a mean blog(I am going to list the blogs of all the staff at the end of this blog). Another huge addition that they both bring to the table is that they are both at the top of their perspective sports. Greg just broke the all-time 242lb Powerlifting Total World Record last weekend at only 21 years old. Rebecca just made the Muscle Driver USA Professional Weightlifting Team after only two years of training. She will be training full-time to make the USA Weightlifting Team. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t learn from these two. The moral of the story is don’t be afraid to learn from these young people. Remember they are reading all the latest research, and if they are good like thee two, they are doing their own studies because they love their craft.

I have two marketing experts on staff Lindsey Ruble and Caleb Tilson. Lindsey is the fiancé of Greg Nuckols, and just became our fourth girl to deadlift over 300lbs. Lindsey might be the most efficient person that I have ever met. She is a big part of the new look to our website http://www.MashElitePerformance.com, and every time that I ask her to add something she has already done it. It is like she reads my mind. Greg seems to be my big picture guy, and Lindsey makes the picture come to life. Caleb is in his senior year at UNCG, and he is a Business Major with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. His focus is thinking of new a creative ways to get our message out to the public. We have a lot of different aspects to MashElite with Athletic Development, Crossfit, Tush & Abs Group Training, Personal Training, Weightlifting Club, Powerlifting Club, Smoothie Bar, and Social Club. The one common theme is that we are one big family, and it doesn’t matter what your goal is just work hard to reach it. We are going to cheer each other on, and then we are going to do life together like God intended. That is the message that Caleb is trying to get out to the world. This is what makes us different. This is what makes MashElite special. This is why our athletes and clients do better than yours!

Eze is a young man that not only helps others transform their lives, but he has transformed his own. Eze moved to America from Nigeria when he was 16 years old, and he is still learning the American culture. He barely played sports growing up, and when I started training him, he wasn’t much of an athlete. Now he is an up and coming Weightlifter Snatching 245lbs and Clean & Jerking 305lbs. He also has a gym high 42 inch vertical leap. The guy is sold out to MashElite, and to helping all of our MashEliters reach their goals. He is at MashElite from 5:30a to 8:30p everyday, and he is set on being the best strength and conditioning coach in the world. Now he has a long ways to go, but I have no doubts that he will get there. He is like my son, so if he is going to be my son, he better become the best coach of all-time or else!

Now we have one of my best friends Chris “Ox” Mason acting as our COO. He will be in charge with implementing and growing some of the new sides of our business like seminars, camps, MashElite Certifications, after school programs, and we are going to start Franchising the MashElite name, program, and strategy. This will be a delicate situation because I will only trust the most qualified individuals with my name. If they are not interested in being the best at what they do, then there is no deal. We will be announcing more of this as we get closer to finalizing our criteria. Chris is an Exercise Science Major from Appalachian State University, and one of the best powerlifters ever in the world. Chris is very knowledgeable in nutrition, performing all lifts, and programming, and he loves what we are doing to help people understand athletic performance, movement, and overall health.

The rest of our cast of characters include Rabbit, Brandon, Sam, Poppy, Nanna, and all of our MashElite Family. They all share in what we are doing to bring all of our athletes and clients the best experience possible. We do this by loving all of our MashEliters, and by providing them with the very latest in all aspects of Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning. Our motto is to coach every rep of every set! This is what makes us different. If you want to be successful in this industry, then take all of this advice and implement it. If you don’t love what you are doing, then do all of your clients a favor and quit! I personally thank God for the opportunity to help others achieve their goals and to live a better life!